List of things that make car rice...

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  1. Sadly, I see the King's of Drag mounted on stock spoilers alot. What the hell are these people thinking?
  2. LOL

    One night I was dd'ing for my roommate and two girls. We pull up to a light next to a riced out Scion XB. My roommate wasn't much of a car guy, but he's hated XB's since they came out. This one had huge vinyls down the sides, rims, and monitors inside. My roommate rolls down his window and goes,
    -"You have an ugly car!"
    -no response from driver
    -"Hey, you have an ugly car!!!"
    -still no response
    -"What the **** were you thinking?!!"
    Light turns green and we leave.

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. The xB is proof positive that degenerate styling appeals to those whacked enough to like it.

    Here is an idea...

    Throw the xB, xA, Aztek, Fiat Multipla, Vehicross, and that Wagon from Vacation in a room full of AIDS, and we wouldn't have to search for a vaccine.
  4. wow i disagree with half those things being considered rice, but if you say so
    Fine Example of #27 correct me if im wrong
    Almost bought this car
    It's better than having it rust until you can afford to paint them... Hints "project car"

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  5. is the delorean time machine rice? dr brown doesnt seem like ur average ricer but come on a flux capacitor AND a plutonium reactor.. i think one wouldve been plenty but both of them? thats pushin it
  6. SnakeBitx -Kind of what I was talking about, but not really....

    more like this
  7. LOL
    Technically no. The reactor powered the flux capacitor; you couldn't use one without the other. Since he had both and it worked, he wasn't a ricer. Now if he had just picked one or the other just for show and not functionality THEN he would've been a ricer.:D