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  1. Let me see if im alone here, hopefully im not. Just post up anything thats wrong with your car, and list your year and mileage also. Minor, major, doesnt matter. Ill start.

    2000 GT with 106k

    1. Oil consumption, last time it used just over a quart in the 3k change interval. It doesnt blow smoke from the exhaust, but the plenum and inside of the intake manifold have alot of oil buildup. Im guessing its a PCV/blowby issue...:nonono:

    2. Rear end howls. Im sure the bearings and R&P are on their last days. No biggy, I want gears anyway.

    3. Cold start bog. If I start the car for the first time of the day most of the time it will bog out or miss taking off. Im guessing this is a combo of a bad battery and some bad COP's that need replacing.

    Im sure theres more, but those are the most that come to mind at first.
  2. 96 GT 91k...original owner
    NO oil consuption etc
    only parts failure ever was a IAC and ball joints. Car has been very reliable over the years with many cross country trips.
  3. 2002 GT
    68 K

    Ive put the springs on and off and moved all around 4 times and one side still sags.
    Most of the elec tape in the engine bay is flying off.
    My fuel pressure regulator sensor just snapped one day.. the line going into it.
    I have many rattles inside the car.
    My intake tube rubs the oil fill plug and makes a loud squeak.
    i have a big scratch on the side of my car.. previous owner
    My side skirts are bent from jacking on the rails that connect them to the body.. also the idiot previous owner. and from being bent up they stick out barely
    My speedo is at least 8 mph off.. no idea why. it was just like that, and yes i am calibrated for 3.73's, it was the same before them
    my "leather" drivers seat is startin to look pretty bad.

    thats it.. all pretty minor annoying crap
  4. 04 GT, 19k
    Had both inside door panels replaced under warrenty, the vinyl outer layer was
    seperating, making like air bubbles underneath. They fixed it perfectly.
    No other issues at all.
  5. It keeps making me get tickets!!:nonono:
  6. '02 GT with about 27,300 miles on it.

    There has been more problems then listed below, but I've only owned the car for 2.5 years, and about 12,000 miles. These are the problems I've had since my ownership:


    - Loud creaking noise from front suspension when braking (can't figure this one out, but my fault since I lowered the car so much)
    - Gas tank leaks (Fixed)
    - Passenger side mid speaker blew (not my fault, I don't listen to the stereo loud at all) (fixed - $51)
    - Nail in stock tire (passenger rear)
    - Nail in stock tire (passenger front)
    - Air bubbles under paint on the front of the hood
    - Hot start problem (happens maybe 25% of the time - dealer can't figure it out and neither can I)
    - Passenger window squeaks (has been fixed now)
    - Seatbelts never retract and get tangled often

    Now that I've added a bunch of things to the list, the car doesn't seem so perfect after all LOL. I still love it though, despite it being a nuissance.

    EDIT: Forgot some stuff

  7. In the last 7.5 years, I have only had a few items to cause trouble.

    2001: Car would not crank occassionally, faulty sensor for something I cannot remember - fixed under warranty

    2002: Wipers would come on by themselves, wiper stalk replaced under warranty.

    2006: In temps below approx. 40 degrees, the car would not crank. Theft sensor was faulty. Fixed for $120.

    Other than that the car is drop dead reliable.
  8. -Thud noise when accelerating from a stop around corners
    -Not fast enough
    -Cat problem
    -Not fast enough
    -Drivers seatbelt doesnt retract all the way
    -Not fast enough

    other than that the cars fine :)
  9. Ive had no problems with my 04.............yet. But it also only has 11,500 miles on it.:)
  10. I have a 00GT and have a large oil catch can (air compressor water filter), larger than Steeda's, and you should see the oil it collects. I have it mounted near the oil fill and recycle the oil. For anyone that says you only need this on FI cars...BS.

    The funny thing about the 'catch cans' is they will only fill to a certain point and then the plenum/vaccum will ingest the remainging amount/height. I think it is a faulty PCV that allows the oil/vapors through.

    Before anyone says a word, a new PCV didn't help.

    101K miles and no real issues. Previous issues included front end noise that 03 Cobra arms and HD tie rods seemed to fix. Still other minor noise but have new rack busings going in to see what that does.

  11. ugh...i have that problem too. what exactly is the fix?
  12. My stang doesnt get me laid enough..
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  14. 2002 GT
    90k Miles

    Right now the only two things wrong are

    1) Random Moan under takeoff from the rear

    2) TOB squeal at all times

    i believe #1 will be fixed with a total rear brake revamp, as i can turn the rear rotors and the sound will be gone for a week then trickle back. #2 i just need to get a clutch kit, but ill wait till it does bad things first, if it aint broke, dont fix it.
  15. 1996 GT Mustang

    - Small leak in rear tire (have to air it up every couple days)
    - Rear ending is starting to whine (rebuilding when money grows on trees)
    - Rip in leather under my butt
    - flowmasters sound like crap without cats
    - Just replaced the engine with a 98 PI engine. Old one spun bearings blew seals all kinds of fun stuff.

    thats about it, ha!
  16. 2002 GT with 22K on it.
    When new major windshield leak. Missing 12 inches of sealent during assembly.
    ABS wheel speed sensor failed in 2003.
    Second gear grinding when cold. TSB for it and fixed under warranty.
  17. Its slow.
    Small leak in rear tire (have to air it up every couple days)- same. My rims are BENT though.
  18. '04 GT with 60k miles

    -main one is a spark plug blew
    -had my spoiler repainted under warranty from paint being bad
    -passenger speaker cover rattles bad (tried to fix it but didn't work)
    -front bumper needs to be repainted back from all the driving (hood is still perfect with the clear paint protection :nice: )
    -had my rear pass. tire blow, then 6 mos later with nittos it had a leak, luckily just a nail and was fixed w/o having to get a new tire.

    rest is just normal maintenance really...
    Overall i can't complain, she's still running great and i still love that car :D
  19. -I got a handful of change stuck in the drivers door panel and I've been too lazy to remove it (LOL :D).
    -UCA creak in cold weather (Waiting till i put in a trilink to fix).
    -No rear seats (just fixed that actually, now its NICE :))
    -Exhaust is too loud (I miss my Magnaflows, even if they did drone more).
    -Need to put panhard back on but exhaust wont clear it.
    -Need to install rear gear parts & rear pinion bearing whirs.
    -Need an intercooler so the power doesn't fall flat on its face after 3 gears.
    -Seats aren't supportive enough for aggressive driving.
    -Can't make enough power on the stock shortblock.

    Overall I've come to be content with my car...but I'll still mod it some more probably.
  20. Random misfire
    clicking sound from engine
    Need new rotors
    Neew new rear bumper
    Clutch is slippen
    and who knows what else!!!:shrug: :bang: