List your cars problems

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  1. It's currently almost 8,000 miles away from me...
  2. Stupid misfire that won't go away...
  3. 1. Had to replace the whole rearend.
    2. slow (mines a sixer)
    3. my biggest complaint about the car is how noisy it is driving on the highway.
    4. Small paint chips and whatnot on the front end from rocks.
  4. ITS A V-6!!!!!!:bang:
  5. :lol: :rlaugh:

    My turn.

    2003 GT 5-Speed (63K)

    -Brakes are going bad and need to be replaced.

    -Front Drivers side rim was scraped on a curb and chrome is peeling bad :bang:

    -Car sometimes misfires on startup. :nonono:
  6. Holy old thread of mine, hah.

    No new problems yet, resovled some of the old ones. Only thing still bother me is the oil useage, but watching videos of me at the strip no smoke is coming from the pipes.

    STILL HAVNT GOTTEN NEW COP'S YET... so the cold bog is still there, its getting worse actually. The time is near.

    I had the rear end rebuild with all new bearings, new R&P and it howls way louder than it did before. The old problem was worn bearings... this time, dunno. It was set correctly with the right backlash, it was shimmed right, ASE tech did the install at his shop. We think its the brand of gear (Summit Racing brand, dunno who makes em).
  7. w/ 114k miles. Intake manifold blew at around 92k - tranny rebuild at 110k. That's it. Nothing wrong w/ my car, Ford FTW :shrug:
  8. 04 Mach 1 39k Miles

    My drivers side seat has a wrinkle in it.
    My brake makes like a whistle sound.
  9. 1) throw-out bearing is going out
    2) paint looks like ass
    3) I don't get to drive it much
  10. 96 GT w/ 106,000
    -Terribly annoying squeaking noise coming from back suspension, makes me want to rip my ears off
    -front and rear brake pads/rotors have "glazed" causing them to squeel even though plenty pad left
    -Low oil light comes and goes as it pleases
    -Radiator light comes and goes as it pleases
    -Check engine light comes and goes as it pleases, something having to do with the gas level or gas tank something like that
    -Ash tray cover on center console broken off - previous owner
    -Ride quality is absolutely terrible, probably time to replace shocks
  11. yeah, my car is heavy and slow.......but looks good
    14.61 @ 95 / 2.15 '60 - Auto + Vert + Stock tires
  12. 96 Cobra 113K

    Inner/outer tie rods worn
    Drivers seat leather shot
    Rear lower control arm bushings
    Ticking from engine when first started
    Hood linner shot
    Made me get first speeding ticket in 14 years:bang:
  13. 04 GT 24,000 miles, bone stock as far as I know

    1. Spongy break pedal that creaks when I press it. Makes the Mustang feel like a van.

    2. 2nd gear hates me. Anything involving me going there from 1st or 3rd always involves a lurch, thump, knock, or RPM drop. Maybe I just suck at it.

    3. Clutch seems to have 2 catch points. I notice it mostly with 1st gear. From a stop, it will catch, the car will move, but as I keep steadily releasing the pedal there will be a second and much stronger catch.

    4. This is related to 2 and 3. For the most part, I cant take my foot all the way off the clutch in 1st gear, or get the car above 2200 RPMs before having to shift into second. It seems like if I try any other way, I'll get a lurch, thump, knock or even a constant lurching I guess. Basically I'll hear the tone of the usual tranny whine going up and down, while the RPMs go up and down, and my head goes back and forth. Again, maybe I just suck.

    5. Engine will hover at 1000 RPMS while slowing down in neutral. No matter how long or short the stop is, it will stay at 1000. Once the car is stopped, the engine gets rough for about 1 second, then drops to 600-700 RPMs. I'm not sure if it was designed to do this though.

    6. Occasionally there will be a very deep rattle/creaking/rumble type sound coming from underneath the cabin. This is only while the car is stopped at a light or whatever. It usually happens for 3 seconds, stops for 1, happens again for 3... Reving the engine, stepping harder on the break, turning on or off the A/C, or even stepping on the clutch or putting the car in gear will interrupt this sound.

    7. Very annoying hole or gap in the inner shift boot, or somewhere (I can't find it), which allows wind to enter the car. This wind makes a whistling sound, and is only really heard above 35 MPH.

    8. Panel rattling. Mostly from radio and shifter bezel.

    9. Pressing cruise control buttons will occasionally set off horn. I already looking into it, and it makes no sense to me.

    10. Power steering and brakes went out not even a week after buying car (used). A bad sign of things to come? Fixed under a 30 day guarantee. Free for me, $800 for them.
  14. about 33k miles.

    Problems: bad gas mileage and missing traction.

    somehow i think those may be my fault.:shrug:
  15. just when i say i have no problems. Today i shred my fanbelt and now my blinkers wont work, WTF!?
  16. What the hell! My belt disintegrated today too! Add that to my list I suppose, along with:

    Squeaky driver's side window... Very annoying.

    Passenger seat hits door, driver's side seat hits center console. Bad rub marks on both, and passenger seat will squeak bad when in wrong positoon. :mad:

    Paint is trashed. Scratches and chips everywhere, and a good scrape on driver's rear wheelwell. Previous owner.

    Car was family truckster. Under rear seat was lots of change, candy, sticky crap, a few Gameboy games, scissors, Brittney Spears TAPE, bubble gum, remote for some other car.

    Previous owner picked random spots to jack the car up by. Will be TOUGH to get subframes on now.

    Something squeaks and rattles in my center console at just the right RPM (Drone). Damn dumps.

    When I have AC on full blast coming out of the vents, it will randomly switch to Defrost, then back (sometimes). I notice that if I hit the brakes sharply a few times, it will switch back.

    Throwout was really bad when I got the car; clutch pedal would shake like overactive ABS. Just replaced clutch and flywheel with 12lb aluminum flywheel and F1 stage 3 clutch, that finally grabs at the last 1/2" of pedal travel. :mad:

    Previous owner chopped springs and didn't put isolators in back. Squeak, squeak, clang.....

    Pony is coming off of the upper plenum.

    Passengers can't seem to not completely knot up their seatbelt. Noone knows how to pull the belt out like a sane human being, or to stop pulling when it jams up a bit.

    Driver's front wheel bearing bad.

    New tint job SUCKS.

    Stalls every time after a decent sprint. Typically after getting on the freeway at WOT, and staying WOT a bit longer than I should...

    I could probably keep this going on all day. I will never be satisfied, I suppose. It'll always keep me busy!

    On a plus side, this car has a nice one color black interior, unlike my last car. 3650 has been pretty nice to me so far, especially after the fresh fluid.
  17. I really can't think of any problems with my car. :shrug: No squeaks and/or rattles. Gas mileage ain't shabby for a blown V8. The car drives GREAT. oh yeah almost forgot my drivers side seatbelt has a habit of not retracting on its own. Other than that, everything seems to be well. :nice:
  18. 1999 GT 90k+ miles as of today,
    Things I've had replaced;

    Intake-last one leaked at the crossover
    Power Steering Pump-Dads fault for parking the car fully locked steering position
    AC Clutch-started shooting sparks
    Clutch-replaced with a King Cobra and had a TOB but went away like a week ago
    Rear end bearings-they were howling like a mother
    Passenger side rotors started warping
    Couple COP's
    Someone backed into me at work and left a nice crumpled spot underneath the passenger tailight
    Exhuast leak after stripping passenger side bolt on manifold
    Convertible top started leaking and I had a pool behind the backseat in the well thingy

    Current problems:
    Clutch grabs to stiff in first gear, its like i can slip it without jerking the whole car like the stocker, oh well
    my dad backing into a mailbox and scuffing the tailight and spiderwebbing and cracking the paint right underneath it
    dirty engine bay that doesnt stay clean even with a whole can of degreaser
    squeaky ass ceramic brake pads in the front
    Battery took a dump 25 miles away at work
  19. 01 Supercharged GT 80k

    Ball joints went bad had to be replaced.
    Driver door panel came loose and needed to be replaced.

    Other than that I have had 0 oil consumption or anything like that. Overall I am happy with my car :)
  20. Oh boy.

    1.) Passenger door lock works when it wants to.

    2.) Temp gauge works when it wants to.

    3.) Seatbelts hate retracting.