List your cars problems

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  1. OK here we go

    1. Steering Shaft SNAP in half
    2. Clutch went out
    3. Huge vibration in steering wheel (changed everything still happin')
    4. Cruise Control and Horn dont work
    5. Trans shat onits self
    6. rear diff exploded
    7. fuel filter flew off on the free way (freaking weird I know )
  2. i'd like that PM too please. ive tried to figure that stupid noise out for a while, but to no avail. happens under heavy braking and while on a steep incline/decline
  3. Door won't stay open on even the slightest incline, like my driveway. :mad:
  4. umm every time i shift hard there is a could clunking noise in the rear...have no idea what it is. and i can't figure out my damn stereo problem i've had for like 3 months
  5. 25k miles

    -engine sensor (replaced under warranty)
    -chirping TOB
  6. 1999 GT
    142K on the body
    honestly other than blowing the mtr, tranny and rear end the rest of the car has lasted me quite well

    2003 TERMI
    18K miles
    blew the halfshafts (twice now has a solid rear)
    tranny got stuck in 4th (bent the fork)
    damn front headlights all fogged up
    the previous owner had the "tick" in the head and was replaced
    and how much more my insurance is compared to the GT
  7. Slow

    likes to drink oil.. or maybe its because i rev the piss of it in daily driving for no reason.

    my exhaust hangers are broke so the exhaust scrapes on 4x4 stock springs.

    biggest newest problem: Its overheats so i have to blast the heat on full max a/c setting when its 94+ degree outside or else it overheat than coolant overboils out the car. =[

    thats it.
  8. - clicking sound coming from engine
    -engine misfire code
    -need a new front and rear bumper
    -need a tune
    -need some new rotors and brakes
    -sqeaky and rattling noise coming from right side of the car
    -everytime i start up the car makes this noise that i cant explain, i just know that it comes from the pulley belt
  9. - Replaced Alternator
    - Replaced Starter
    - Replaced IAC
    - $400 bucks worth of tranny work, trans. mount, seal, bushing
    - Replaced bad Driveshaft
    - Engine has always consumed 1Qt of oil between oil changes
    - other than regular maintenance thats it
    Car has 116,000 miles so...
  10. 1. has a 2v motor. lol
    2. cats hang too low and i cant lower the 4x4
    3. the 3650 sucks as a tranny.
    4. this is a problem more with how ford built the car but the spark plugs are a pain to get to but were fixed in 05.

    but nothing really major still runs like a champ.
  11. Holley old thread Batman :jaw:
    1) Shocks/Struts shot
    2) Drives seat leather is shot and power up/down dont work :(
    3) Needs new hydraulic valve lash adjusters
    4) Rear tires are balder than Donald Trump
    5) Reg is expiredomundo
  12. just slow

    and loud as ****, but thats not a problem with me. Only my girlfriend who hates my car.. and also her parents who hate my car =]
  13. I believe my rear end is completely shot. Teeth are missing or something. When I accelerate turning a corner it bucks and jumps and skips. When I am cruising and push the clutch in there is a clunking that is constant with the speed of the car.

    Midas told me the rear end was shot. 1500 to fix...

    She is a garage queen right now until it gets warmer so I can dig into it or until someone on here helps me out!


    Blower like noise comes from alternator bearings when cold. AC compressor makes a weird ass noise when cold. o/r x pipe rubbed (fixed) 89k and the previous owner didn't have depth perception. Every corner has been scraped. Smells like a bowling alley inside. Driver rear side window leaks water when I wash her.
  14. 2003 GT 68,xxx miles
    -rear end "pops" when turning at low mph, only started after shop installed gears
    -2nd gear syncro hits and grinds when cold, always been like that, ford wouldent replace under warranty
    -Loud wind noise from windshield driver corner, replaced twice and still does it,??
    - Rides like poo, lowered to much, my fault
    -6 disc changer loves acting up on its own, swear i think its alive sometimes
    - Something was rattling under car, got in a wreck and it fixed it, or dropped it one
    - Just got car back from shop, lady pulled out in front of me, now the door drops when opened, and horn now sounds like a dieing cat?? Will take back soon
    - Full lenth headers hit everything, even small roadkill
    -draws attention which sometimes is bad
  15. 03 GT 16,000

    Only one problem...cant figure it out???...when driving (does not matter if cold or warmed up or if ive been driving it for 30 mins) when i push in the clutch, without letting the car idle down in gear, the revs drop, stutter and car dies???...doesnt do it every single time but only happens if I dont let her idle down in gear...dont know whats the prob...any ideas would be great!!!
  16. Wow I guess I lucked out on my piece. :shrug:
  17. 1. Intake Manifold cracked the second day I owned it. 98K miles
    2. Was having trouble with a misfire but fixed with new wires and plugs
    3. The actual stranded wire on the FRPP wires I bought stuck out of the boot, causing it to arc to my valve cover bolt, causing a misfire
    4. Could never shift the gears very fast because it would grind
    5. Tranny finally broke
    6. Spec clutch chattered horribly
    7. Replaced under their warranty, still chattered, just not as bad
    8. Put in a 99 PI motor
    9. Disappointed in how my crower 2's dont lope at all
    10. Broke the rebuilt tranny, and have LONGtubes now :(
    11. Swapped rear ends with my friend (traded my 410's for 373s. Now I have a slightly leaky rt rear axle seal and a leaky pinion seal. but not as much gear noise which is good
    12. EBRAKE rattles
    13. Front end clunks (hoping cobra control arms will fix it)
    14. Rear end clunks (would like to blame MM XHD control arms but not sure what it is)
    15. I cant stand the idle on this car, it should idle at 1200 in the morning, then quickly drop to 700 and be good about dropping after its warmed up.
    16. Instead it idles around 900 almost all the time, if not higher
    17. Wide tires cause the car to pull on certain roads
    18. Need to repaint my front bumper
    19. Ground for cooling fan got corroded and melted the connector. So my car has boiled over 2 times so far. (fixed with a new pigtail)
  18. not fast enough
  19. '70 coupe 200+k

    heater core busted

    ac compresser busted

    temp.gauge broken

    chrome peeling off back bumper

    driver door closing weird idk whats wrong wit it
  20. Current car needs:
    New front tires
    IRS brace
    Diff fluid change
    new tint

    Other then that shes one fine biotch :D