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  1. Long live this thread...:SNSign:

    I need to replace my coil packs, and do my rear brakes soon.

    Not as important on the list, but I would like to replace my shocks/struts soon.

    No problems so to speak of right now though, yay!!!

    I'm at 130k now BTW, I sure did pack the miles on quick...:(
  2. 99 GT convert

    all in all she is a pretty decent ride 140,000 +:nice: , the usual things , manifold went bad did it with my son Ford said expired , the cops went bad one at a time so I changed them , computer went bad $750 weird code tried everything went to a special shop with the big machine , windshield wipers will come on when you hit a hard bump & a few minor things but she dont burn or leak oil or tranny fluid , AC kicks like new , the top is best I ever owned on any convertable & she's decent on gas average 20mpg keeping it under 70 .... I think she could see 200, 000 with ease , I change all the tranny fluid & filter , same with the brake fluid & power steering & rack fluid every 2 years , oil & filter every 4 months mobile 1 .... yep she has been a good friend even when the computer went bad she still brought me home . took long trips 1400 miles each way & she sailed away , I still get compliments even though the paint isint perfect & she had a few slight dings , no wing , real genuine ford cobra rims makes it look good & SLP exhaust gives it a nice tone .... yep I cant ask for more & with the economy I may just look for 200,000 ..... did it with a 90 coupe & she never broke down , even at the 200,000 mark she still didnt leak oil would use about a quart every 2,000 miles yep I a loyal Ford guy ....loved the trucks with the Windsor V8 they had some real mileage up to 300,000 & still ran when i said goodby to them ....:flag::flag::flag:
  3. -inner outer tie rod end replaced
    -bald tires due to way to much tire lean (adjustable camber caster plates previous owner thought tire lean was cool)
    -complete tranny rebuild along with new t/o bearing
    -harmonic balncer
    -new carpet lst guy burnt the carpet cuz he left it in when he welded the sub frame connectors
    -seat mount broke
    -leakey header gaskets valve cover gaskets and any gasket
    -cluncking when i turn in revers or back up sometimes
    -vibrations at 25oo didnt get better with rebuilt tranny or used driveshaft
    -new plugs
    -new bolts for all the ones i broke when i took the maximum motorsports strut brace off
    - pinion isnt quit shimmed right so it clunks when i shift every once in awhile but the 373 and locker work great
  4. 1998 Mustang GT 121,000 miles. I have put 7,000 on it in the past 6 months.

    Rear bumper and front bumper need repaint.
    Hood needs to be replaced (Previous owner ran into something)
    Replaced rear rotors.
    Driver leather seat is starting to get worn,
    Small rattles and creaks in interior.
    Squeak in rear suspension, have not figured it out yet.
    Small exhaust leaks, I attribute that to the LTs and offroad X.
    Check engine light. Most likely due to the offroad X.
    Other small things I cant think of.

    Very reliable car for a college student.
  5. i have a loose stud on my passenger side manifold flange to my midpipe....or so i think....
  6. 02 GT:

    I need a new rear bumper between the jackhole who backed into me with a trailor ball and left just enough damage to be noticed and the other jackhole who thought it would be fun to try and rip the letter 's' off my mustang area on the back it needs some tlc. For now I mostly just have small things on the interior that I would change to be back to perfect stock like a skuffed door sill and broken AC vents. The screen on my CD player is my most pressing issue at the moment, it died so all I have is music but can't see or control a damn thing.

    Oh and I want a new car :( I guess that's a problem of mine. Had some interviews lately so maybe that is around the corner!
  7. 99 5sp closing in on 170k owned since 01 @ 40k

    Needs front calipers and AC charged as of now, not a daily anymore so just whenver I get around to it.

    Fuel Pump (this year after it sat since last fall, im pretty sure that was the culprit)
    Rear Calipers (slide pins froze/stuck)
    COP's (started going out around 120k, replaced with some low mileage take-offs)
    Battery (stock MC lasted 10yrs :nice:)
    Passenger window switch
    Ball Joints
    Filler Neck Grommet
    Clutch (replaced @60k nothing wrong with it, replaced with FRPP King Cobra, still dont remember why I did that:scratch:)

    Thats all I can think of, still rocking the plastic intake lol. Thinking of taking it to VA this summer, it has been the most reliable vehicle that I've owned over a longer period of time. Also have a 98 Ranger w/190k no issues and an 01 escort 230k no issues, so if/when I get a newer car Ford will definitely be top of the list, they have been good to me.
  8. 1998 GT 132K on car and trans, 95k on motor, 2k on rear end

    Starting to have rust issues
    Part of the trunk floor has rotted to a small hole
    Drivers door needs a new pin
    Pass side window switch stopped working
    Pass side speaker blown (Mach 460)
    SVE Mongoose Clutch refuses to grab lower no matter what firewall adjs I make
    Need to switch all the rims so they match the new Split spoke w/ painted inserts

    1/8 tank of gas at
    needs a bath
  9. No issues currently. I try and stay on top of it, fixing every tiny detail right away before I build up a list that might add up. I'm about to change a windshield wiper because the black finish has corroded a little.
    At 15k miles I had a cylinder head replaced under warranty. Otherwise shes been rock solid.
  10. Don't replace that windshield wiper! I used plastidip on them and they turned out awesome! I was tired of seeing what im betting you got too.
  11. Is that stuff permanent? Pics of your plastidippage?
  12. It's funny that 4 years passed and this thread resumed as if nothing happen. Ohhh well.

    I think I replied to this thread years ago and probably had around 140k miles at that time.

    Now, the car has just over 200k and it still running well and looking good.
    Current issues that need attention are an inner tie rod (original), a ball joint (original), a rear end leak (rebuilt probably 60-70k ago), and an issue with 5/R in the transmission. I plan to take care of these issues and keep driving her for a long while. She still feels solid.

    Here are the issues that I had between 140k and 200k. Keep in mind that I DO beat on the car, and drive it like a mustang should be. :D It gets out to the track occasionally, and I certainly enjoy the car on my daily commute, rain, snow or shine. AC even works (knocks on wood).
    O2 sensors, Front wheel bearings, AC condenser, accumulator and compressor, cooling fan motor, timing chain guides, rebuilt transmission and installed new clutch, and fuel pump.
    All others work done is normal maintenance such as tires, brakes, struts, plugs, ect.
  13. Not permanent at all. It's black rubber coating out of a can and you can easily peel it off if you arnt happy with the results.

    I'm glad I don't try to find one thy wasn't faded. Much cheaper solution and looks better than what you might be able to find used.

    Just take then off the car and do not spray them on concrete! I found that out the hard way.

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  14. Cool. Ill try it. Where do you buy this stuff. Just black Plastidip in a spray can?
  15. Home depot has it in the paint/aerosol area. 1 can would be plenty for just those 2 parts. I went ahead and put 3 coats on it to be sure. Layer it on lightly at first and then go from there. I think its around 5 bucks so its a cheap fix.
  16. nice one!
  17. Replaced all coil packs
    still misfires at partial throttle (cruising)
    Replaced all spark plugs twice
    still misfires at partial throttle (cruising)
    replaced all o2's
    still misfires at partial throttle (cruising)

    has cams, gears, and longtubes, ran 12.90, doesnt miss a beat at WOT,

    Learning to live with the part throttle miss!