List Your Mods!

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  1. What were your first mods?
    What did you expect from that mod?
    What did you GET from that mod?

  2. My mods on my 2013 were done in this order:
    1. GAS - 3dCarbon front splittler, CS side scroops, GT500 rear wing, Roush 20" Painted-Hyper Black rims, Falken Azenis tires, V6 side mirrors
    2. American Muscle - GT500 axle back, SCT iTSX
    3. Les Schwab - Eibach Pro Kit and adjustable panhard bar

    I won the car from, and my prize was the car built by GAS nearly exactly how I built it online. I didn't choose the Falkens, but they seem like high quality tires. All looks and aesthetics. I didn't get to choose any of the interior options, including the choice between auto and manual, and Ford selected the auto on my behalf.

    I went with the GT500 axle back set to give a louder rumble on WOT but no drone and still quiet idle, and I preferred filling in the rear valence gaps with 4" exhaust tips as opposed to the stock 3" tips. I obtained the SCT iTSX so that I can change the way the auto select-shift responds, since from the factory it is ridiculously slow. BAMA custom tune FTW.

    I went with the Eibach Pro Kit and adjustable panhard bar per the recommendations of 04sleeper. His stance was sweet, so I stole the look and ran with it. Purely aesthetic decision as the stock ride was quite fine.

    That's all the mods I intend to do with this vehicle. It's an automatic and it is a timeless and priceless sentimental car that will stay in my family hopefully for generations to come, so not looking to mod it any further. Mustangs come and Mustangs go, so I expect another one to come in my future that I will go mod crazy on.
  3. Thanks James. I saw the video of you winning. Congratulations! I'm not sure what I would have done if I won a car!

    I went with suspension mods first. Suspension is one thing that I always address on any Mustang right away. I know most people go for the "Go Fast" parts first, but they do no good unless you can get it to the ground.

    I plan on swapping the motor for a Ford Racing Aluminator and installing a twin turbo set up I have always run my cars on E85 so I plan on sticking with it.

    Should be fun with 1000 RWHP and an auto. :)
  4. I'd like to see some dyno data from a tune and long tubes on these cars. I hear that the install is not too bad if you get it up on a lift and drop (or least disconnect) the k-member.
  5. Jason:

    Congrats on the win! Saw the video, made my eyes a little misty. That was so cool! Makes me proud of Ford.

    Gotta agree with 04Sleeper--suspension mods are top priority--these cars are making plenty of power, they just need to get it to the ground effectively (and safely). My 13 is all stock right now (except for a Bob's Oil Catch Can), and is tucked away for the winter, which I will spend researching and trying to figure out how to get it to hook.
  6. Thank you, 04sleeper and Husky44. To avoid confusion, my name is James. But, hey, it's all good. I'm really glad to be back in a Mustang, and it feels good modding it a bit myself this time rather than buying it modded already. As I said before though, I don't plan on modding any further. Unless a CAI releases in CA that is CARB approved, since I haven't found one yet that would be worth the investment.
  7. Hey 04sleeper, I didn't know you were over here too. Jayman33 over on DFW.
    I'm on par with everyone else as well, the ground up is how I work even though I usually get an axleback first. I would list my first mods but I don't really remember. I've gone through so much parts on this car its pretty crazy. Its got a good amount of parts on it now but she's about to go into hibernation. I'm looking to pick up a second car, either a 2013 Leguna or even a Camaro 1LE so I can venture out a bit more with the company.

    James, congrats on winning that Mustang. Thats gotta be such a great feeling.
  8. Been here since 2002. Lol

    Sorry for the mix up James!
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  9. It's obviously too late for that, for me anyway. :confused:

    So I'll extend my congrats to you to, James!
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