Listen to over 200 exhaust sound clips before you buy your next exhaust!

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  1. is Ninosport's sister website and we've just relaunched the sound clips section. Listen to over 200 Mustang exhaust sound clips so you can find the perfect rumble for your Mustang. Once you've found the right combination of exhaust parts for your Mustang, jump over to to purchase the system at a great price and always with free shipping!:nice:

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  2. We'd like to invite everyone to submit your sound clip to our collection. After you register at the forums click the link to submit a sound clip. We accept many types of media files including MP3, WAV, pretty much all the major ones, plus also video files such as MPG and MOV. And if you already have a video uploaded to YouTube you can easily submit the URL and it will be picked up by our system.

    Let the world hear your Mustang's roar!

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  3. Just a quick update to the Exhaust Brands page. I added logos of each brand to spruce up the page, plus I also added two links. One is to display all the sound clips in our collection that use that brand of exhaust, and the second link takes you to the Ninosport web store so you can see the prices for the products of that brand.

    If anyone has an idea for other useful information we can add to the exhaust brand entries, please post it here.

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  4. I'm glad you guys are back! I was missing that website in a bad way!