35th Anniv little help please..

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  1. Hey guys i have a question. I took the silver door panel piece off to repaint it because it was showing some ware, and to make a long story short i broke it :mad:. Anyways i have looked and looked and looked for that piece online and have had no luck, do you guys have any idea where i can get one? I plan on calling ford tom and seeing what they can do, but i would rather not do that. Any info would be really appreciated Thanks guys
  2. wich silver door panel pice exactly?
  3. All I can say is DAMN! Dude you may have to start looking for a wrecked "Limited" GT. That part will never be available new again. What is it made out of? I've always wondered.
  4. its the silver piece behind the acual handle piece that has the power window switches in it. and are you SERIOUS!!! man i hope some one makes this even tho ive looked for a week now and cant find anything, man that sucks, the piece is made of plastic with like this cardboard lining over it then the paint, wierd but hey it worked for ford, man guys if yall happen to come across one grab it and ill give ya some extra cash for it. i gotta have my door panel cause right now theres like 5 or 6 glue spots showin on my door. Do yall know if the regular 99-04's have this smae type panel? one that just snaps off? My 96's was actually apart of the whole door panel itself?
  5. Try this place Prestige Mustang Parts - Your #1 source for used antique and late model Mustang parts.. They got a 35th back in the spring. I don't know whats left of it, but it's a start. Bleow is the information about the car with stock number and phone number.

    Year: 1999
    Motor: 4.6
    Transmission: T-45
    Ext Color: White
    Int. Color: Two Tone Leather
    Damage: all-over
    Inventory #:CYL1339
    Comments: Welcome to the honeycomb-hide-out! Yes, its a REAL 35th anniversary special edition with all the goodies that you Mustang junkies out there are craving... From its unique instrument gauge cluster to the even more unique wheels to the special honey-comb panels on the trunk you will not be disapointed with all the great parts on this one! Don't miss out on the sweet two tone leather seats- they sure would look GREAT in your ride wouldn't they? Call today! 1-866-45-STANG
  6. 1badsilver99,

    I had a 94' GT and yes, they had a similiar insert on the door panel, except it was black on my gray interior. It had faux perforations for athestics. But similiar just the same.

    And I always thought the 99 insert was covered with leather or something like leather. Hmm. I knew someone might know of one somewhere, Thanks BLK99LE!

    35th "Limited" Mustang Community ROCKS!
  7. Well good news they do have it but wont sell just that piece, i have to buy both door panels:notnice: for $250 but, if only i needed them lol so hey if you guys come across anything else just let me know.... cause i really dont want to pay they much, heck thats almost my tuner:shrug:
  8. I've seen a couple on e-bay every now and again. That is for the whole door panel though. I seriously doubt you will be able to find just the silver insert part. Good luck though...
  9. Thanks man ill keep an eye out on them :nice: appreciate you lettin me know about them, now hopefully they wont go to high :SNSign: