Little Video Of My New Exhaust Setup

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  1. I'm sure you guys remember my drunken purchase thread lol well I went ahead and put it on because if I sent the Spintech catback back I would have only gotten a credit for something else from Spintech, so I just kept it. Spintech Super Prostreet with BBK offroad X pipe. Before I had a catted BBK with 40 series Flowmasters.

  2. Mines got Spintech Pro Streets (dumped) and an off road X. I like the sound, definitely different sounding. Yours sounded pretty good in the video. Does it have tailpipes or dumps?
  3. How's the noise on the highway with the windows closed up?
  4. Thanks. I have dumps. I wanted to get rid of the tailpipes because I don't like how they look on an LX. Too much of the pipe shows for my liking. Now that I have dumps the only thing I can look at now is how the gas tank looks like it's sagging down like a baby with a crappy diaper or something lol so tailpipes might have to go back on

    Honestly it's not that bad. I went for about a 20 mile cruise today on the interstate at 70-80 MPH with the windows up and it was not annoying or too loud. The only time it gets obnoxiously loud is at WOT. Having the 40 series Flowmasters and cats before had more drone than this setup does.
  5. All good characteristics to have. :nice:
  6. Nice tire chirpin in the video too. :nice:
  7. sounds good!
  8. You got rid of the tailpipes because you don't like how they look on an lx?
    May be the first time i've ever heard that comment.
    When you use a quality set of tailpipes, no car has a better looking exhaust than an lx foxbody.
  9. ^ damn right!
  10. Do you have pictures?
  11. To each his own, I love the look of tailpipes on LX cars! With that said though, I actually had my dumps set up where they looked good from behind the car.
  12. Pictures of what?
    Amost every lx looks the same unless you swapped the pipes out with some cheap pepboys tailpipes. (which i have seen)

    Just look at the pictures of any notch or lx and you will see the beautiful tailpipes. My saleen kit covers mine from up close, but you go back about 20 feet side view and you can see them.
  13. Nice video. I can't say it sounds bad, but I just can't get away from that 40 series deep rumble. I guess it just brings me back to my late teens and my first mustang. I have to admit that now, that drone is very annoying to me. I just picked up an 86 two months ago that had the tailpipes just hacked off with no dumps. I feel the same way about the tailpipes showing too much as the 86 pretty much looks like an lx. Do you think the dumps help, and does the angle they are in make a difference?