Live camera of a watering hole in Africa....

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  1. Four minutes was all I could take. I started to doze.
  2. im waiting for some of the naked african tribes women to take a community bath...

    Ill be sure to take photos...

    ahem...this is someones chance to photochop.
  3. its not workin for me :shrug:
  4. not working for me either
  5. I just saw a bird... or something flying, but the damn thing was too fast for me to capture the screenshot
  6. I like the idea but I don’t like waiting. It’s sort of like watching paint dry.
  7. Man... I wanna see it but I'm in fear of the Gov't :(
  8. ok, im not on drugs... today... but i swear to everything holy, that when i do a screen capture, then open it in paint, when i paste the screenshot, the damn thing is still moving!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. dosent work, what is it.
  10. alright, this is a joke... i have a screenshot of 2 deer or some ****, and i finaly got it to save, but when i brought it back up, it dissapeared :lol:
  11. :lol: I don’t know why but that struck me as funny.
  12. lmao im serious.. look at it right now, theres a damn deer on it.. but i cant get a screenshot

    i wish i had a gun, i would just shoot it through my monitor and show you guys as proof
  13. The voices... the voicesssssssss... ssssssssshhhhhh
  14. i guess windoes media player wont let you screen shot the actual video its playing.

    AHAHAHA the camera is moving... they are following it... it IS a deer... ha!
  15. The deer is taunting us.
  16. windows media player dosent let you take screen shots.

    What the hell is this?
  17. yeah i had the same problem
  18. Im thinkin something is gonna eat that deer eventually... wait.. where did he go?
  19. Try turning hardware acceleration off.

    I thought this was going to be one of those things where something will jump out and scare you...

    Now I'm dissapointed.