Live camera of a watering hole in Africa....

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  1. I'm serious, from the left to the right, he like jogged!!!!
  2. it sounds like an alien is being raped!!
  3. lol you have to be ****ting me.
  4. I'm not!!! It was right before those crazy birds started making the noise
  5. :bs:
  6. wtf is that hissing noise and whistling?!?
  7. don't believe me....

  8. something in heat
  9. camera guy beatin his meat :shrug:
  10. OMG! Did you guys just see Oprah run across the screen naked when she triped over her dangling lips?!
  11. lol wtf!

    you guys see the black bird?! Sounds like their an evil human baby dieing.
  12. you mean her highschool play curtin..... box of cow toungs?? :D roast beef?? :rlaugh:
  13. Yes! YES!!!!!!!!
  14. :lol:
  15. I think theres a couple zebra walkin up.
  17. Those are zebra.
  18. haha yea they are, thats awesome.
  19. I hope a "Flock" of lions come.
  20. ok thanks Dane Cook ;) :p

    edit: saw the zebra's as they left.