Live camera of a watering hole in Africa....

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  1. SHARK!

    just kidding.

    there are gazelle though.
  2. there is someone banging a friggin kidding. a drum! it sounds like a bongo.
  3. haha dude i was kidding.
  4. oh its day time now
  5. incoming animals go go go
  6. great SCOTT! an enormous white bird, and 8 zebra.

    the camera has MOVED! he's following the zebra.
  7. whos controlling the camera??
  8. some guy but holy crap its a giraffe!
  9. girafe!!! is this live?? what time is it there
  10. 2 giraffe!!! hey, if i print screen'd, where do i find those pics on my computer?
  11. yes its live, and its 6:30 over there
  12. ****ING WILDABEASTS! how do you spell that?
  13. I think i saw a wookie...:eek:
  14. there's a giraffe right now...
  15. check out that cool bird
  16. i cant take screen shots, i tried. he/she did a 360 with the camera, that freaked me out lol.
  17. wmp dosent let you take screen shots
  18. that sucks, its ok tho... im leaving it on 24/7
  19. WHO'S AWAKE!! they are showing close ups of animals, they were fixated on this wart hog i just couldnt stop singing hakunamatata
  20. I just see a stupid bird in the water.