Livernois Dynoes '05 Mustang GT

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  1. From what I've seen, the camming is the biggest obstacle at the moment. The thing has great flowing heads, yet it makes peak power at 5200? And the torque curve drops off too early too... a more aggressive cam package could be worth a ton of power and torque....
  2. Ford says that peak HP is at 5750 RPM.

    But I agree, based on the flow #s (link to article was posted here on StangNet), I'd say that real peak HP would occur @ 6500+ RPM with the right cams and PK HP would be considerably higher than what we are seeing on the stock engine.

    Remember the cams are EXACTLY the same cams used in the F-150 5.4L (as is the entire head assembly). So I'm sure cams and a PCM update would be good for another 40+ HP.