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  1. Just got back from Afghanistan, have a few days off. Before I left, I did the Fox TB swap. I used a 75mm TB, 90mm LMAF, standard swap stuff and a homemade "CAI". Put it together ran OK, just couldn't get it to idle. Well, it would idle, until the first stop sign then stall. Never could get it corrected. I'm confident the parts are all good, and the work was fine ( I did it, of course it was fine!!) Went throught the TPS setting, checked and rechecked the wires, messed with the set screw on the TB etc.

    Anyway, I messed with the Tweecer, basically uploaded the standard LMAF transfer into the stock tune. That is about the extent of my knwoledge with that thing.

    Fiddled around with it, didn't make any progress, so the Fox TB, LMAf conversion was short lived. However, I would like to get it working.

    It should be mentioned that I still had the 19lbers in there. Having said all that, I;m wanting to try again with 42lber's and some more Tweecing. Any thoughts or pushes in the right direction, as far as what to "tweec"? Short game is to get it running and driveable, then progress with the tweecer knowledge.

    As it sits right now, stock short block, Eddy performers with 1.7 RR's, Systemax 1 Lower and a KB with an FMU/19lbers stock maf/sn95 TB. Runs fine like that. Have the Tweecer installed and have messed with it, ie, changine the idle to see if it works...it does.
  2. If that LMAF (lightning maf?) was caled for 42's and you left the 19's in there, it will not work.

    make sure the Maf is facing the correct way after the swap (made that mistake)

    If you change both without a tune it should be running ok. I never used tweecer.

    You would also remove the FMU when you upgrade your MAF and Injectors.
  3. Thanks man! I was about to try that....and yes, Lightning MAF.