Location of fuel filter

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by asburydan, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Need to know where fuel filter is on 2009 GT and if changing it is a DIY for someone who does some mechanical stuff. Thanks.
  2. OH man - I haven't changed mine and I now have 26k on my 07'.....but it looks easy
  3. It actually is easy as pie. Just remember to prime the fuel system by the turning the key to on and off position about 3-4 times before restarting the engine.
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  4. Ouch, neither have I. Not good. It's the simple stuff that slips our minds most easily.
  5. Planning on getting to it in the nxt couple days.....will report on what happens
  6. Thought I would just quick note that it changed out simply enough .....but man getting that 'clamp' that holds the fuel filter to move 'spread' wasn't that easy - I basically just 'left' it on and 'pushed' the filter on out....fuel line clipped back on and off w/no problem ( I made sure to run the car - check for leaks before button up) - I cleaned my throttle body out as well (this was easy to) and I have to admit - the car runs way better - did the cabin filter/ oil / fuel filter / air filter / fuel injection cleaner - 91 octane gas ....re-loaded my 'tune' ( made sure of adjustments) - and for some reason the dang thing runs like a bat out of H E dbl hockey sticks :confused: .....now...
  7. Plus it's also a good idea to bleed off the pressure prior to removing the old filter....