Lock Knobs - Were Chrome Knobs Oem?

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  1. Pretty sure they are not, but just making sure..
  2. Ford made chrome ones, not sure if they were on mustangs.
  3. Earlier years had them, like 79-84
  4. I can tell you my 91 vert had them and my 92 vert has them. I have run across chrome knobs multiple times in the junk yards but only on verts. they are usually accompanied by chrome door handle bezels.
  5. There has to be a way to find out if they came factory on say 89-1993.. I have been seeing them. I think they are tacky -
  6. My '92 has 'em. Might it depend on interior/door panel color? Mine door panels are white so black ones could look odd. No clue. Never noticed/cared to look on other cars.
  7. My 93 coupe with black interior has them and my 90 7up vert also has them. I believe they are factory.
  8. I've seen them, alone with Chrome inner door handle bezels on certain junkyard cars.
  9. I wonder if it isn't tied to the exterior color of the car?
  10. My '92 GT has them.
  11. mine has them. I think these may have been standard
  12. My fathers 1991 Wild Strawberry/Grey LX has them. Don't remember what my 89 had, but they were replaced at some point. I have never seen chrome door handle bezels though?
  13. Mine has tje chrome bezels. lrs sells replacements for them too.
  14. If they are twist off no big deal. I was just curious I have been seeing them more and more, so I figured they were replacements, but then I wondered if Ford put them on there.
  15. my '90 lx had them when i bought it in '94 with 47,000 miles on it.
  16. my 89 vert is scarlet and has black locks, door handles and bezel factory

    just realized this is a different car than than the one you posted for advice.

    you sure are ranging far to find your fox vert hope you find the you want
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