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  1. Spoken like someone who's never been to an autocross. They run circles around Mustangs.
  2. A lot of this criticism of the Neon is besides the point. I don't know how anyone can compare a RWD v8 to FWD four banger. I think the SRT-4 would compare pretty well against some of the other FWD four banger offerings in its price range, except maybe in the depriation and long-term durability departments, where it's probably a bit iffy--for this reason I'd look into leasing one. DC deserves some credit for walking into the rice scene and giving everyone a spanking. But if it was me I wouldn't do anything until I got to see/drive the 05 Stang, and until I knew whether there was any truth to this sub $20k V8 rumor. I don't see what the rush is with some of you folks driving practically new cars (and by this I mean less than ten years old ). And keep in mind that for $20k you can get late 90s M3s and 540is--both have RWD and plenty of hp. And as for the SN95, the Mach 1, Bullitt, Cobra and 94/95 5.0s are about to become an instant classics.
  3. They compare them because of the 1/4 times and that's it. For most that's all they really care about. The cars outside of straight line performance would be hard pressed to be any further away from each other on the spectrum. The Mustang a sporty coupe,long time heritage, RWD, V8 and everybody who sees one knows what the hell it is and most like it. The SRT-4 a hoped up 4 door sedan,here today gone tomorrow in the long term of the car world, FWD turbo I4, and most people would look at it and say....what the hell is that?

    And jadesville I hadn't heard anything about head gasket failures. Link?
  4. Actually, you can't compare these cars. Mustang is a great vehicle, and like I said in my original post, I'd love to own one. SRT-4 is a 4banger...and a neon...and it does the cones faster than a WRX. Either of those two would outrun a Mustang in anything other than the 1/4 and the SRT-4 will take current GTs in that too. New '05 GTs will outrun it...for another 8k.

    Thanks for everybodies replies...hasn't helped much though...lol. I'm still stuck wondering. I think I'm just going to wait for the '05 stang to come out and drive both. That's the only way to know...
  5. I guess it breaks down into what you want. If you like the large spoiler for downforce on the wrong axle look. Then the neon is the way to go. If you like fwd then the neon is the way to go. If you like the sound of a bumblebee or a V8 rumble. Then the neon is definately for you. It all depends on what you are into. If you want to be in the sport compact scene. Then get a neon.
  6. See my screen name. I have fully built auto cross car.. FULL COILOVER SYSTEM and I dont have any problems with srt 4 on the road coarse :D
  7. Drive the cars, check your financial capabilities, check the insurance. Buy what you like. Do you really want unknown people on the internet to make the decision for you?:nonono:
  8. A prelude...that's pretty cool. Do the flames make it faster? How do you think you'd do stock vs. stock? I'll give you a hint...in terms of autox cars, the Neon is the FWD version of the Miata.

    And just so we don't get too far away from the point...the point is, people are going to cross shop the SRT-4 with the Mustang. They are both quick cars, and can both handle pretty well. But the Neon is (at least right now) more of a driver's car, despite being FWD. And it's cheaper than a GT.
  9. Hmm I assure I will kill any neons at a road course.. Ever heard of the integra Type R? Prelude was the original R and trust me its not stock this is one of my toyes
  10. Ok...so you are saying you not only improved the handling of your prelude immensly, but you also added well over 100hp to the ground to get it to even keep up with the neon.

    ...If you put that much money into a prelude you are obviously bored and make way to much. This thread is useless now without pictures and dyno stats.

    I totally agree...the point is that it is a decision to make, and will be for anybody that would consider driving anything other than a pony.
  11. For GOODNESS sakes, don't get the Neon. Pure junque!!! For the bux, in a front drive, the Mini is the only way to go. I won one for a weekend when they were doing the intros and took it to the Tennessee mountains. WOW!! I have seen no FWD that comes even close. Plus it has classic good looks and BMW quality, which means you won't be spending any bux on repairs.
  12. Well once again we are into an apples and oranges argument. I am a huge fan of the 05 stang. I really think Ford has a hit ontheir hands, and so does everyone I know. We are all excited to see them. I plan on buying one as long as something disatrous doesnt happen between then and now. For what it is the SRT4 is a great car. Compact, quick, fun to drive. It falls into the same group car as all the other 4 cyl cars out there. My friends have hooked up Cavaliers( the new 2.2 is suprising ), Integras, Preludes, yada yada yada. They are quick, and can be made to look really cool ( but not often ). I dont hate on em, but I am no fan. For one, they are cramped, cramped, cramped. Vibration. Noise. And I cant stang the high rpm surge personally. Its like nothing...nothing....and then the engine is screaming for dear life...and youre not moving ( ok ok sometimes they are ). I currently drive a 97 Cougar with the 4.6, and I am a converted chevy guy. After riding in my car my friend was like damn, i never knew how loud my engine was. I have ridden in Mustangs and they are much quiter as well than ricers. Not to mention roomier, and are built better in general. I personally like a bigger car that I can accelerate smoothly with, and not feel like my engine is abotu to go up in smoke. I looked at an 04 Stang last month. With rebate, and my trade in I had the price down to 19K, maybe lower if I had haggled. But I saw the 05 and have decided to wait. I may get a 99 Stang to build up though. Not to mention the Mach 1 is incredible. If you want REAL power the Stang is your bet. if you want a cheap and fun car get the neon.
  13. Amen!!! A-Fuggin'-Men!!!
  14. Yes I make good money and yes I spent tons on this lude.. Personally Stang is way better than any Neon, yes SRT 4 is cool out of the box but for me I dont have problems running up against them. On road course I will hand alot of people their asses. But as far as Neon vs stangs

    Stang > Neon.
  15. Stang Stan Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang Stang

    Get the Stang. Forget the Neon.
  16. I think you are to young...well, at least to immature to make good money, and I think you are lying...just my opinion. It has been said.

    I don't think a single person including myself on this thread has disagreed with that.

    Thanks to everybody for their replies, it has given me alot to think about. I'm just take the best advice I read: Wait a bit, drive them, check finances, and go with my gut instinct after that.
  17. I think there's a hidden message in there somewhere.........
  18. Tang?
  19. No, play it backwards. It's gnats.
  20. I dont think being 31 and having built a road race car is immature.. Point is SRT is not a road race GOD.
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