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  1. Wait for a lil bit after the 05s come down in price and they are offereing cash back n such, I'm sure you could get a sweet deal on one especially in the winter time when they are just sittin on the lots. I think Ford is make a major error in releasing the so late in the year. They should of had them ready in the spring time/early summer not late summer early fall. But we'll see. :flag:
  2. Everyone will be surprised when the Base V8 starts at 19,999.

    Every single auto review publication including autoweek, car and driver, hot rod and others are still stating both models will start under 20K. I realize this is under a different thread that just wont die...
    Dont get the neon!! At least wait to see what the new cars go for! Besides if you got a new V6 (200hp) you can almost get a supercharger for the same price as you would pay for a stock srt-4.
  3. The more you talk, the more you sound like you not only don't race, but have never even watched an autocross. I said autocross, not road race. They are different. Just the fact that you thought having coilovers was special enough to necessitate the use of all caps tells me you are either an internet racer or a total newbie. I think you should go to an autocross sometime. A Neon with a good driver is VERY impressive. In summary,

    Stock Neon > Stock Prelude
    Built Neon > Built Prelude
    Built Prelude > Stock Neon (and you seem to think this is a wonderful accomplishment for some reason)
    Neon vs Mustang: I like the Stang better, but the Neon has definite advantages. People will cross-shop.

    Also note that I would rather own a Prelude than a Neon, but that is based purely on aesthetics, and Honda quality is among the best in the business. Neon quality is on par with Mustang.
  4. Where are you getting your info? Car and driver's new magazine has not come outyet. I subscribe to it. And the website is still publishing the $28k for a V8 vert. "For 2005, the base GT will feature almost the same power for about $25,000." And though I have not seen the autoweek magazine. The site is still not mentioning any base V8.
  5. 20K GT, I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. The point is SRT 4 is not a Road handling GOD and yes I have a heavily modded lude so what.. Would you wanna see pics of it? All im saying SRT is good price for the power.. Its not King of the road its still POS neon bottom line..

    Stang > Neon.
  7. This just seems to point more along the lines of liar to me. He says he has a "heavily modded lude" but two posts before he built a "road race car" and before that he was an autocross champion. In addition, he backs down when somebody calls him on something and thinks that "Stang > Neon" is a good ending that will get the spotlight off of his ignorance. What a crackpot. 2kflamelude, please stop commenting in this thread...you have proven your idiocy beyond a shadow of a doubt already.

    (You're in IT though...I don't imagine you can shut your mouth before swallowing your whole foot.)
  8. I dont need to bs about my car.. You want to see pics of it?? Bottom line dont get on the SRT bandwagon its POS.. Want me to post link to Honda tech.. Believe what you want i dont give a $hit.. Jumpin on the SRT wangon you are a complete tool.. Mustang GT is better car hands down and I dont think people care about the SRT 4 on this board.. Get a clue..
  9. Who said I dont own a stang.. Exactly no one cares about a Neon..
  10. Your profile says you don't own a stang...

    Oh, another site:

  11. I owned many stangs in the past 89 lx 5.0 and 94 GT and 99GT.. I waiting on the 05 GT.. I know alot about stangs.
  12. This thread just got stupid on both sides....
    I think a :lock: is in order.
  13. I really think that it's a good idea that Rook79 and 2kflamelude just changing email or pm themselves and let us and the world goes around :D
  14. Agreed.

    Ka-Chunk!! :lock:
  15. get the mach! then upgrade in 06 :nice:
  16. Well....Mach's are cheap RIGHT NOW....and will be in the future....but if you like the new body style, just wait it out. The '05 will put out numbers equal to or possibly more tha the Mach's, and you'd get the new body style. Right now (IMO) Mach's aren't worth it.

  17. Weeeellll...I don't know if I would go as far as saying they are not worth it. The price on a Mach right now is pretty good. Some dealers are giving these things away for low 20's. Pretty good value for an underrated 310 horsepower car.

    That aside, I would still agree with GelatiCruiser and wait for an 05. :nice:
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