LOL gonna put a 460 in my foxbody...

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  1. Hi guys, this story is funny. I went back to my old highschool to say hi to my old shop teacher and mentioned something about a 460 motor and he said he has a 460 in the storage garage accross the parking lot and it was only used for a few months in a bronco and it is built. The guy built it up with performance parts, but swapped it out for a bigger motor and left it in the storage and forgot about it and the shop teacher isn't gonna do anything with it, its just cluttering up space. Cam, heads, valvetrain, intake, crank, pistons, rings, etc. all aftermarket performance parts. it looks brand spankin new, fully assembled and it runs, its just been sittin there for 2 years. it only doesn't have a carb on it or a tranny. He said I can have it for $50 cause i was his best student and did a lot of jobs for him when i was in H.S. First after i get it next week its teardown and building time. What do you guys think ? LOL Good deal for a 460.
  2. Mr. Strut Tower meet Mr. Hammer.
  3. or corral has a BB specific forum for fox bodies.
  4. Mehhh, if you wanna be different and have money to throw around, then go for it. But a direct (and there’s nothing direct about it by the way) swap is hardly worthwhile. At best, most of these old beasts were in trucks and Lincolns and LTD's and only made 210hp or so and no more torque than our 302’s. Yeah, they can rock and roll if you’re willing to sink several thousands of dollars into them to upgrade the heads, intake, carburettor, etc, etc. But it’s not practical for anyone on a budget. Not to mention throwing a boat anchor of an engine light that into the front end of your car is going make your handling non-existent. Oh….and the gas mileage. :lol: …….shall I go on?
  5. I think they might've made a little more torque than the 302's, but I kind of see it like Gearbanger does. If you want lots o'cubes, I'd build a 351-based stroker. Better fitting package, much lighter than the 460, and more or less bolt in with the right mounts/headers.
  6. Yeah you'll add about 200 pounds to your front end.
  7. I love how people with no experience in something, open their mouths. First, he already said it was built so it aint no junkyard lincoln motor. Secondly, a 460 with a cam, valvesprings and a good intake will make 400 horses no problem. How do I know, because car craft did it with a stock 460, 8.8 to 1 comp and with those above parts. And I am doing it right now and looking at even more power than that. Also, hammering out the shock towers? Your retarded, they slip right in. Yeah lets drop a 351 in and be like everybody else. Besides, Im replacing my supercharged, intercooled small block for an NA 460 so the weight is approx. the same. Hell the weight of an aluminum headed 460 is comparable to an iron headed 302.
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot, you guys are right, stroked 351s are much cheaper than $50 460s. Yount, isnt any engine a direct bolt in with the correct mounts and headers? Its all going to cost the same or less since either way, a 351 or a 460 will require new mounts, new oil pan, new headers and so on.
  9. I'm right there with you smock. A stock 460 in a stang with headers and good intake/carb will easily run low 12's.

    A built pump gas 460 can make 500 flywheel hp very easily. They can also handle a big NOS shot with a stock bottom end.

    Sounds like a fun cheap project. You can either go toploader or C6 on the cheap. Richmond, glide or something else with a little more money. Thumper has some info as I know he knows his way around a 460. Also do a seach on a user by the name of kidott. He has a big block 84.

    Keep the RPMS low and the torque high and have a ton of fun.
  10. man, whats with all the rage in the forums tonight!?!?!

    its not going to be easy, you can look at the engine and tell that.

    great thing though, $50 for a 460...

    well, show us some pictures of your progress, K? we all wanna see you put it in, like, really put the motor in the car.
  11. as soon as i pick it up next week i will document everything for you guys and for my collector's plates lol.
  12. smock said what i wanted to, so i guess... awesome and good luck!
  13. well, he was saying aluminum headed 460 vs iron headed 351 and even my motor needed a major cooling upgrade as will any worked engine. reguardless, a 460 for 50 dollars with work done to it is an awesome opportunity to save on those build parts, and everything elso will probably add up to as much or possibly less than a 302 or 351 build. Also having a 460 in your 1 1/2 ton car is pretty cool and bragging rights are huge.
  14. :rolleyes: Gotta be one in every crowd!!! Try to give a guy some helpful advice and somebody’s gotta be a know it all. Built huh....with what? There are a lot of versions of built pal. My guess is, is that it's probably just "re-built". It's good to know that you've got a lot of experience.....reading Car Craft Magazine that is. Its a well know fact the Big Block parts are twice the price that our small block parts are. Don't believe me....I dare you to find a new set of Alumiium heads and intake for the cost of a $1500-$1600. I've can think of half a dozen for a carbureted 302/351. How's your search going? I bet you can't fine new Big Block heads and intake for half of that! BTW....what's your intercooler and supercharger made out of that it weighs the same on a fully dressed 302, than it does on a 460....Lead?
    And yes...building a stroked 302/351 is still cheaper than even a decently built 460…even if he did get the engine for $50.00! It's not all about the engine build expert. You also got to figure out how it's gonna set in there (and no, it's not as easy as an engine mount swap :rolleyes:) Wow…can’t wait to see what the exhaust is going to cost for that baby (headers alone!!! :eek: ) Not to mention springs, didn't think that your T-5 or AOD was going to bolt up, did you? Better set aside some more money for a built C-6 while you're at it. But you're going to need a new drive shaft too. Boy....sure hope that stock radiator cools off this behemoth, or my nice new big block aluminium heads have had it. Better set aside some more money for an aluminum radiator while I'm at it.

    Do ya see where this is going genius?

    That being said. ExplodingGopher, you can choose to go big block if you wish, It’s been done by many, but just be prepared to shell out some major coin to do so. It’s not as easy or as inexpensive as some in this thread may think.
  15. i get all my parts at wholesale prices cause i work at north coast mustang supply, we deal in every frikin thing you can think about for early and late model stangs from body to performance parts, i can get anything for cheap cheap prices, including 460 performance parts.
  16. Take it easy people!!! No matter which way you go it's going to cost alot of money. Take what you estimate you think it's going to cost you and double it.... that's what it's actually going to cost you in the end run.
    As for 460's.... you dont have to buy Aluminum head's to get power out of a 460. Find some Cast (DOVE) Ford Head's, Give them a decent port and polish, bigger valve's, spring's etc. etc. and you'll have a head that could probably support 500+HP. Compression, Cam, Intake, Carb. etc. etc. and you got a mean 460 on your hand's. Keep in mind.... the factory cast crank & rod's are fairly strong. Polish the rod's and throw some ARP bolt's in them and your set.

    Yes... the 460 is heavier but if you do it right and do your research you could build a 550+HP 460 alot CHEAPER then you could a 550+HP Windsor based stroker like mine.(See Sig) Basically it's a money thing.

    As for the swap thing..... it would be about the same for either the windsor or 460. Your going to need a tranny, braket's, cowl hood, header's, fuel system, carb, cooling system, mount's, chassis support (Subframe connectors etc.) etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on.

  17. I dont want to get in a war and I will stay calm and polite.

    Painted Headers for the 460 in a fox are $400. Carb and intake are about the same as a small block. Exhaust, tranny are similar costs. A hot 408 is going to shreda stock c4 or a T5. So no matter if you go big block or small, you have to factor tranny cost. Also a hot 408 is also going to need a healty exhaust, so again either engine choice this is money to spend.

    A windsor based stroker and a 460 are both going to need brackets, so that again is a wash.

    Radiator and such are going to need to be swaped to keep up with the new HP demands.

    I personaly like a minimalist 460 idea, that is just me. My whole point is when comparing costs of a job compare apples to apples. Not 460s to stock 302's.
  18. You forget that you can always stroke a 460 too to off-set the
    wieght-to-cube ratio even more.
    Did some say 514? :D
  19. For 50 bucks you turn around and sell it and turn your proffits into other car parts.

    Does your instructor have any other goodies layin around?
  20. Just wanna know,why would he put a built 460 in a bronco?
    If this doesn't make sense to anyone else tell me.