LOL gonna put a 460 in my foxbody...

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  1. Dude, you dont know anything about building a 460 and your putting words in my mouth so you look foolish.
    I never said the C-4 was a bad transmission. And you somehow forgot that I mentioned that a T-5 would bolt up to a 460 but so would a Tremec and that is what I am doing. Not to mention that a T-5 can be built to handle 500 horses. Your like Kerry, you skip over all the good I said and mix things up to make me look bad. Yes, I compared an aluminum headed 460 to a 302, and said I am using D0VE's, and your point. I dont care about the weight issue, but some may. I mearly showed how close you can get with hardly trying. As for prices, most people on here dont do carbed engines, but its really hard to do a 460 EFI because the intakes are limited. Therefore most people go carbed on the 460 and most people go EFI on the 302. Hence the price comparison. I'm willing to bet that 90% of the small block owners of this site are running fuel injection which requires expensive parts. I think I know a little about carbs and more than you. Last I checked I was putting 625 to the flywheel with a carbed small block. Of course that took aftermarket heads and other goodies. But a big block doesnt take as much work or money to make similar numbers. Part to Part, prices for a big block are more expensive. Again, dont put words in my mouth since that is your only way around an argument. My point is that a small block will need head work to say reach 400 horses, but I can do that with stock big block heads. That is my price point. You can go spend $2000 for a set of heads and make insane power, but again it isnt needed for a daily 460 car. I dont need to make that much power. Stock D0VE-C unported heads will support 500 horses easy NA. I'd love to see your E7TE's do that. Man you are ignorant. You already admitted you didnt read my posts so why am I even trying to give my valid points. As for the hammering on the shock towers, is that why he admitted later that he didnt know it actually fits without hitting. I guess he wasnt joking. Your right, Im not going to even try because you are the most ignorant person Ive ever seen on here.
  2. [​IMG] Ok, whatever. I'm tired of arguing with you. To tell you the truth, my eyes started glazing over after you compared me to Kerry. But I’m sure the rest of your rant was very interesting and informative. Anyway, good luck bolting the T-5 bell housing to your big block 460. Make sure you take some pics for us. I wouldn't dream of trying to put words in your mouth. I'm sure there's hardly enough room in there now with both of your feet taking up all the space. And I'm sure in the end you will have been able start and finish this project with only $50.00 in your pocket and still have enough money left over for pizza and beer, it will have a zillion horsepower, weigh 150lbs and get 50mpg. I was foolish to think otherwise.

    It’s too bad I’m such an ignorant moron, I mean Smock. I guess we’re not going to be the kind of close friend I’d hoped we would. :rolleyes:
  3. I am trying to play nice here, but... Sounds like a bunch of grade schools in here. Lets agree to disagree and move on. Wasting valuable electrons with childish arguing.
  4. My hats off to smockdoiley as you seem to be the most informative and informed on the big block swap. There are always going to be a positive and negative aspect for everything. If the man wants to do a 460, let people say why it's not going to be worth it but more importantly please let the people that KNOW what they are talking about speak up and state what it is going to take to get the job done. Those that have nothing to say but "Ha, good luck with that impossible task" - shut the hell up, you don't help. This goes for all topics on the boards, it is a help community. I hate taking sides in an arguement but smockdoiley seams to know what he is talking about although he is doing a little too much ranting. Nonetheless, he seams well educated and I appreciate advice like that if I ever had to do or wanted to something like that. But gearbanger you keep exaggerating what is being said and slamming smock time and time again - let it go. Of course slamming a 460 in a car with a 302 in it will be a chore. People won't know until they try, maybe people like a challenge. I'm sorry for picking on either one of you guys - you both have good and vaild points but you both are getting a touch out of line. Just call down about it and go back to the post (and if you just turn around and attack me, then so well - I could care less). So the man has a 460 for about $50, sounds like a great deal. If the engine is anywhere near as good as it sounds - then it sounds like an interesting project. Bottom line, BB parts cost more, the bigger tjings are, the more they cost. Also if it is a daily driver, then downtime is going to kill you. Either way, i'm sure you have plenty of pros and cons to decide for yourself by now, so I end by saying good luck with what you do
  5. Went to southern Outlaw Bracket Shoot-out in Bradinton.
    +1000 dragsters,2 roadsters, 0 door cars.
    And of coarse they were all chevy powered.90% were all big block chevy.
    Afters seeing 1000 dragsters run the same time (they were all with in a half second of each other) I kidda never liked dragsters after that.Just seams to me when you got a $50,000 dollar dragster and your racing a $25,000 car,thats a little un fair don't you thing.It's a hard for a stock chassis/suspension car to be as consistant as a dragster.Of coarse everone who onws a dragsters around here has a shop and money.
  6. MmmmmKay. I'm outa this post. I've said what I had to say, but before I go 87'GTstang, I wasn't the one exaggerating or distorting the facts. Perhaps you should go back to the beginning and read it again. I wasn't putting words into anybody’s mouth, it was the other way around. I never once said I was against the idea of his big block swap, I merely informed him and others with the same idea that it wasn't as easy or cheap of a drop as it seemed....much like you just did. As a result I was labeled as a hater, and an idiot by someone because I had a difference of opinion. I have performed dozens of engine swaps where most of them included big engines in tight places (including the assistance of a 429 in a fox) and on every account it's taken more time and money....more than double in most cases than originally projected.

    ……and for the record, I wasn’t the one who started the mud slinging. I just happened to be better at it than he was.
  7. Again, you missed my point - so i'll make it short and simple: back to the original post.....................
  8. Let it go gearbanger, its a good thing your leaving because not only are you not giving any advice at all, you are creating lies and misquoting what people are saying and that is doing nothing but hurting people here. Look it up clown, the toploader and the tremec share tranny bolt patterns and Lakewood makes a toploader to 460 bellhousing. Then you get a tremec to toploader bellhousing spacer from D&D because the Tremec has a slightly longer input shaft than the toploader. But the thickness is the same so you can use a 429/460 pilot bushing and that is how you install a tremec to a 460. Your an idiot to think you can put a t5 bell to a 460. But as you seem to be so smart even though you havent posted any data or information at all, I guess you already knew all of this. And yes, you can put a built T-5 to a 460, there are several companies that make the T-5 as strong as a tremec. Again, thanks for making yourself look so bad, and allowing me to provide all the data which you attempt to twist around. How are you helping when I post correct information and you tell the kid I'm lying or that I'm wrong. I've done my homework, you have not, so please stop hurting the community in here with lies. It really has nothing to do with me now. I thought at first that maybe you misquoted me, but you keep doing it with avengence and now Im bad. Not only is it insulting to me, but your banter is doing nothing to help other people learn. I have provided all accurate information and by you coming on here and confusing people you should be banned or something. You've time and time again shown your ignorance by admitting that you dont even read my full post. Thats all I have to say about this. If anyone else has questions on the swap feel free to start another post or PM me like several other members have done. I feel that I cant express myself properly here because Gearbanger tries to negate everything I say. If you dont believe something I say, I can back it up with part numbers, companies to confirm what I say, articles that have done the same, or links to further explain what I may have missed.
  9. more time, since you missed it the first few times. This time, listen very closely.....A T-5 and a TREMEC are not the same transmission!!!

    Now, I ask you do you plan on bolting a T-5….not a Tremec, to a 460? A Tremec bell housing will not work on a T-5 transmission.

    Hey bud, you're the one giving out the misinformation. You've been confusing one transmission for another this whole thread. Maybe you're the one who should look thing up before giving advice. But you provide all the data that you want. Some of it has actually been right. :nice:

    And if you're going to badmouth me, please do your best to spit up the paragraphs and use proper sentence structure. Calling me a clown, stupid, an idiot over and over again, then making silly grammar and spelling errors isn’t helping your case. All these word jumbled together are giving me a headache. I've not once misquoted you. You just can't seem to get your answers strait from post to post. Take a couple of deep Good….Now calm down…..Good......does that feel better? Now, go have fun with your swap.
  10. Again, stop putting words in my mouth. Why are you making this so complicating? The T-5 and Tremec do not use the same bolt pattern. They are off slightly. The toploader and tremec share the same pattern and Im pretty sure I stated this. You can get the toploader 460 bellhousing and have it redrilled or custom drilled by Lakewood. Man you are a trip. Now your complaining about my grammar? Where do your endless attacks end? Your grasping for air on this one man. This is an informal forum so why should I feel the need to be formal. My point is made just fine and is fully comprehended by anyone who reads it. Again, like I asked, please stop commenting in this thread because your full of lies and misinformation. Please, I beg of you, leave! Your half-witted and do not know what you are talking about. Countless people have siding with me on this, and your constant nagging and nitpicking is just pissing everyone off. Its getting you and everyone else nowhere.
    The Borg-Warner design T5 5 speed transmission has been around since the early 80's. "World Class" models were introduced in 1985. These transmissions feature tapered roller bearings on the cluster, caged needle bearings under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd speed gears on the mainshaft, double synchronizers on 1st and 2nd and steel blocker rings with bonded friction materials. Ford adopted this configuration for 1985 and up production T5's. Similarly, all Ford aftermarket T5 applications have been "World Class" since 1985. As the demands on this transmission were increased, gear materials were upgraded (8620 to 4620 to4615) and blocker ring lining materials went from paper to carbon fibre. In 1993 the pocket bearing between the input and mainshaft was changed from a needle bearing to a tapered roller bearing. This was only used in production on the '93-95 Mustang Cobra T5's but was adopted on many high performance aftermarket T5 applications including the AA251 shown below. The T5 design and manufacturing rights were purchased by Tremec in 1996 and is still being produced in Mexico. Check out our Specials section for surplus 3.35 T5's that we frequently come across.

    The Tremec 3550/TKO 5 speed transmissions are descendants of the Ford 4-speed "top loader" transmission released in 1964. Ford decided to get out of the manual transmission business in 1973 and sold the tooling and manufacturing rights to the top loader and 3.03 3 speed transmission to Tremec in Mexico. Both of these transmissions and their derivatives were built for many years and found in many vehicles around the world. Tremec developed the 3550 by adding a 5th gear, tapered roller bearings and caged needle bearings under the mainshaft speed gears. This unit was originally designed for truck applications but was modified to fit the 5.0 Fox Mustangs in the early 90's. The TKO was introduced in 1994. It has the same gearset and material (8620) as the 3550 but larger input and output shafts. The purchase of BorgWarners manual transmission business in 1996 brought the 4615 technology to Tremec. This material is extremely tough and greatly improves the impact strength of a transmission. The 3550/TKO Road Race units introduced in 2002 used 4615 steel in the cluster and mainshaft 3rd gears. These transmissions were well received in the marketplace but had very limited sales due to the .83 road race 5th gear. For 2004, Tremec is producing a new TKO line with 4615 steel gears (wide and close ratio), cast iron 3 pad shift forks, dual speedo pickups (mechanical and electrical) and high performance shifters. Tremec claims that prototypes have been successfully drag tested at 600 lb-ft engine torque. Existing 3550/TKO units will be phased out of production as the new units come on line (approx. 3/01/04).

    I've owned 6 T-5s, 2 3550's, 1 TKO, 1 TKO600, 2 C6's, 2 AODs, 1 C4, but what do I know about Ford transmissions huh? Give it up you windbag. You can keep coming at me all you want but you'll lose. I feel that you should stop though because this bickering of yours is completely against what Stangnet stands for. In all actually, if you weren't lazy, you would know that all you have to do is drill and tap and you make a tremec bell out of a T-5 bell. All they did was move one hole. That's probably beyond your automotive capability though. Have a nice night!
  11. Cut and pasted like a true hero. :rolleyes:

    G'night everybody.
  12. Yount does have a point there, if you took your engine out, than that equals taking 3500 pounds off the car. Personally i think i would go with a built 302 or 351 since it would probably cost alot less than a built 460 swap.
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  14. Well guys, thanks for all your.....interesting input. Im probably gonna go ahead with the swap. I got the parts handled and other crap ready to go in my shop, i have two cars so the stang is stored in the shop for winter anyways so no biggie. Wish me luck, and i'll keep you guys updated with pics when i get started.
  15. Sounds good man and good luck. Its really not as bad as everyone says.

    Im not saying it wasnt pasted. Just giving you some of the vast information I have saved which you constantly keep failing to provide yourself. Your still looking like an ass gearbanger.
  16. Good luck! Lemme know how it goes!

    Also it is easier to change spark plugs on a BB in a fox b/c it sits up higher. That's a plus.
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  18. Sorry, i am kinda late on this, but the person who had my car before me, had a build 460 in my car. It was fast as hell, but nose heavy. The rear used to come around on him real quick. The reason he took it out was because when he hit the brakes the car would nose dive bad. I don't know if he did anything to the front suspension, to help aleviate that problem. I think if you beefed up the suspension in the front, it could help the nose dive problem. Other than that he loved the car. And it made some real good power!
  19. Well I said i'd keep you guys updated.

    I picked up the motor Friday night and tore it down on Saturday. The motor has on it an Edelbrock Performer 460 dual plane intake, rebuilt heads and new valvetrain, new pistons, rings, rods, journals, crank, all the internals look like they have less than 5,000 miles on them and are in excellent condition. This engine is a 1960's block from a lincoln rated from the factory at 365 hp, keep in mind that was stock. This ****** has ported and polished heads and other goodies. I cant believe thats its in such great shape, I'm so excited to get this thing in the fox. I'll keep ya updated and maybe get some pics up here.

    Oh yeah, my old teacher dropped the price to $40 and threw in a nice engine stand lol. Awesome.....