LOL gonna put a 460 in my foxbody...

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  1. Try not to put too much info down about what's in your engine. Gearbanger will try to tell everyone that you said it was stock. Let me know if you need any advice. I just finished assembling the short block to my 466 tonight, thats a 460 with a .030 overbore Gearbanger. As soon as the head bolts and timing chain come in, I'll be able to assembly the long block. Hey, take a look at the rod bolts for me, and let me know if they are square shaped or oval shaped. The oval ones, or football bolts, are the stronger ones.
  2. :rolleyes: Two weeks later and your still holding a grudge. Drop it already and take a Midol Sally! :nonono:

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  3. ExplodingGopher ,

    I ran across these by accident on ebay. It is a set of kooks custom headers for a fox body with a 429/460. If I remember correctly you had the stock heads and these have different bolt patterns. But you can get an adapter plate from kooks ( I thinnk they're around $50) or you can make your own. They're at $150 as of now. I own a set of used kooks and paid $500 for them without coating.

    Just thought I'd let ya know,
  4. Ok im in a dilema now. The casting numbers on the block are C8VE - which is a 1968 Lincoln engine.The heads have the same C8VE. If im not mistaken, thats the first year the 460 was built ? If so im thinking maybe i should sell it. But the temptation of a BB in the car is so big, ***** now i dont know what i wanna do. gd it all.
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  7. What's wrong with a lincoln engine?
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    Anyways, whats wrong with the Lincoln motor. A 460 is a 460 and its going to run just fine. I forgot, did you say if you had a tranny yet or not. If you dont, I can send you a great C6 if you pay for the shipping. I have 2 of them and have no use for them. Let me know.
  9. Actually, I take that back gearbanger, I will respond. I still dont see you posting any useful info like with the guy with the G-force question. All I see you doing is posting random interjections so you can soak up free posts. I dont have any attitude over here. I just get tired of windbags like yourself clogging this site up with garbage, and making things difficult for people to spread ideas or learn.
  10. I think you should do the swap because your running into a string of luck with everyone helping you out. Your teacher gave you a great deal, Im giving you a great deal, and others are finding good buys for you on Ebay. I think this all means something, lol.
  11. Saw the thread about a 460, Some pics below of my 460 fox. Put it in! It's a lot of fun to drive not to mention the looks. You can hear the grumble comming from a distance, definately a head turner and a tire roaster.

  12. There’s plenty you should take back Smock, but regardless, do you just post for the sake of seeing your name in writing at times? I didn’t post a definite answer to the G-Force question, because I didn’t have a definite answer. I did however post my opinion with regards to the subject. Something you should know plenty about since you seem to be so good at voicing your own. For someone who claims that he’s got such a grip on the automotive world and how responding to me is not worth your time, you sure seem to like to go out of your way to push my buttons. I could care less what you think of me or my posts. Your opinion of my standing on the board means less than nothing to me. I’ve been told time and time again by others how they’re appreciated my help and I will continue to share my knowledge as long as it’s asked for. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to respond to the thread. The more you piss and whine like a little girl with a scraped knee, the more you discredit yourself as a poster. So please, by all means Smock….keep yapping away. You’re just re-enforcing my point!
  13. Somewhere in here I saw the quote hotrodding doesn't have to be expensive unless you make it so.I couldn't agree more.I currently have an 86 Mustang with a 351c that I swapped in using a modified truck oil pan and a set of 71-73 Mustang headers that I adapted to work.My next project is to replace the 351c with a 460 that I have sitting in the corner of my shop.My Kaufmann swap headers cost me $100 off ebay.The truck oil pan I am using cost me $25 from the wrecker and I am going to fabricate my own mounts.I currently have a pan fill C-4 with the 351c so I picked up a 351m C-4 out of the local Autotrader for $50 so I can use the bellhousing to mate the 460 to my C-4 which means I don't have to replace my transmission or shorten my driveshaft.I have a few things to do before I drop in the 460 which include upgrading the transmission,fuel system and rear end but with any luck I should be running in the 12's with very little cash spent.
  14. Like I said, I still dont see you posting any information to help anyone; just you arguing. Thats the difference between the both of us. Thanks for proving my point!

    Jeesh 351LX, thats good hunting. A friend of easily made his own 460 mounts by just welding together 460 motor mount top halves with 5.0 fox body bottom halves.
  15. Sorry Smock, but the kind of help you need isn't something myself, or anyone else here can give you. It's going to require a different kind of “professionals” help to solve your problems.
  16. Again, stooping even lower this time with insults and badgering. Thats mature stuff man, grade A quality communication. Your only making things easier for me, thanks again.

    Hey 351LX, how much modding did it take to get those older headers to work in the fox body?
  17. Smock & Gearbanger...I'm no moderator, but grow up already..... Half of this thread has been nothing but you two ****ing at each other. You both have come up with some really good point's and information so leave it alone already. Everyone has there own opinion's and idea's and just because one dosn't like the other's opinion/idea dosn't mean you have to start a war... there are better way's to discuss it. Grow Up.

  18. I come into this post to provide information and help because I am currently doing the swap as we speak. In the meantime, I have every right to defend myself when someone is trying to knock my credibility. If you havent noticed I have furthered along this post with more info and questions of my own. All of gearbanger's posts have been direct stabs at me. I see your point, and I am more than happy to keep this tech related. If the other party would stop acting like a 5 year old, and stop posting if he has nothing important to add, then we could all move on. He obviously has no real technical knowledge of the 460 or how to install one into a fox mustang or he would have listed it. And the only opinion he has stated is that of a negative one of how expensive and what a waste of time it would be.

    Hey, by the way, if anyone here is going to do this swap, watch out for the main bolts. On doing my bottom end, I ordered some ARP main bolts, but they dont have a bolt with a stud for the oil pump pickup. I called ARP and they couldnt help me. I just had to use the one odd studded bolt from the conversion kit which is of a different bolt design from the arp bolts. I wasnt too happy with this situation but I had to make do. I would think since so many people do this swap and all 4X4 trucks use this pickup, that ARP would design a bolt for this.
  19. Again with putting words in my mouth. I stated that it’s going to cost more than most think and in no way did I say it would be a waste of time. I didn’t start the pissing match Smock, you did. I was just fine and let things go a long time ago, but after two weeks of this thread being dead, the first words out of your mouth wasn't tech help for Exploding Gopher, they were insults towards me. Remember, those who live in glass houses pal. How can you expect to talk smack about someone and not get some sort of rebuttal?

    That being said, I’ll be the bigger man here and bow out of this thread. I gave whatever advice (technical or otherwise) I had to give and yes, you’re right 408, the majority of this thread has been Smock and I going back and forth against each other. I’m not normally a spiteful person, but I’m also not one to sit back while someone continues to attempt to soil my reputation every time I leave a response. And now it turns out that I’m being attacked and scrutinized from him for other theads I post in? Exploding Gopher, Smock….enjoy your swaps and keep everyone posted as to your progress. Let’s just both keep the slander between each other to a minimum in the future. :cheers:
  20. wait a minute smock, is it just me or are you the one that after two weeks came back out of nowhere and made a negative remark towards gearbanger to completely restart the whole retarded, hilarious, argument between you two? Seems to me that if you hadent brought it up again it would of been over....