LOL gonna put a 460 in my foxbody...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Sep 8, 2004.

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  4. Thought id resurrect my old thread, gonna get some new pics of the finished product with the 6" cowl hood on and stuff, possibly even a sound clip. Im very happy the way it turned out, and i estimate im making over 500 to the wheels, its built from the ground up, 466ci of pure american muscle in a light car.
  5. definatly post some pics and dyno#'s!! :cheers:
  6. I just want pics!!!!!!!
  7. I am surprised at the doubters here!

    This swap was common in the early 80's, then went away for awhile. Since the top class has been Pro 5.0, it has not been a common heads up motor in the Ford events. It is a common, bulletproof, fast, bracket setup.

    This swap will rock!

    I pitted next to a guy with a Stang with one of these at FFW Spring Break, and he was running 10.60s, na, with a mildly built 460. Nice, straight, well put together car.

    A 460 bolts to a 351M C4 bell, so you can run a light, built C4 behind it, and with aluminum heads, its not that heavy.
  8. Congrats on the build, good thing you took smocks advice. He at least has some experience with this type of thing.

    I want to see some pics and sound clips!!!!

    DYNO VIDS!!!!

    OOOOOOO....... :nice:
  9. I know a few people that have done the swap. All of them are at least low 11 second with really mild motors. There is a huge downside. It is a handful to drive and easy to lose control of. Don't kid yourself and believe that it's gonna be light with aluminum heads. That's a joke. I would recommend mini tubbing any 460'd fox with even a hint of high hp....but that's just me.
  10. 85 GT 460

    I have a 1985 GT with a 460, it isn’t like anything any of you have been talking about, mine started off with a 302 and a changed to a C4 trans and a 430 gear. was a fun car to drive. Then came the big block, mine is a 429 super cobra jet, bored .030 over and a 460 crank, it is a 11.8 to one compression with a C-6 trans. I played with gears even left the 430 in it after it was done just to screw around, it was like a top fuel going through the water to preheat the tires, right now I am happy with the 3.27 gear is a nice gear, and as far as torque compared to a 302 LOL the 460 motor has TWICE the torque as the small block. And mine spines 7000 rpm on a solid lifter cam and roller rockers.

    The huge problem you are going to have with this car isn’t the gas mileage. (mine gets around 12 city) the problem you are going to have is traction, it sucks, I still race the pedal off the line I push it until I feel the secondary start to open, then when it starts to hook it is all the way to the floor, by then you are pushing 65-70 mph in a flash, so be careful on the street this thing goes fast quick. I have been searching the forums looking for some ideas on the wheel tub and the fuel cell in a hatch back. I use to have tunnel ram on it and sold it to a guy on eBay, complete. now it is a single 4 barrel on a single plane manifold that matches my cam rpm perfect, all under a stock hood scoop, yes took some doing and there is a hole in the hood but the scoop is factory and is just clearing the top of the air cleaner and it is a true sleeper, I will post a picture or two of it if I can figure out the soft wear, but I don’t have any of the car with out the tunnel ram yet but I am working on it.

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  11. I have a 1985 GT with a 460, it isn’t like anything any of you have been talking about read my post I also have a few pictures and who said that you have to modify the strut towers, totally wrong the engine with a C-6 is a drop in a bit tight but drops in and yes with the torquer II it fits under the hood as long as you cut a hole for it and let it sit under a factory ford hood scoop, cool sleeper by the way.
  12. do realize you're arguing a 3 1/2 year old thread, right? :D

    I think MOST of you are the biggest bull ****ers known to man, most of you from your posted messages talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Another words you can bench race pretty good until you say something that anyone with half a credit hour of engine building or engine swapping can see right through and see you are full of ****. You people know who you are, why don’t you do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself in till you have actually built a car and know what you are talking about.
  14. wake it up again, big block guys have BALLS
  15. I have nothing really productive to add to this thread, but I have seen and heard one 4 eyed fox with a 460 and it gave me a chubby. I say build it, who cares what anyone else thinks????