LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. Woot woot! It will never die! Wonder if it cause tracion problems over time :shrug: Everytime I see this thread I think of being stuck behind that car in traffic and getting sprayed with lube on the nose.

    Of the car you pervs!
  2. Nice line. Mind if I use it?
  3. Damit Tim! Now find me an avatar to go with that :bang:
  4. Sweet..a Thread from the Morgue!:spot::banana:

    Not that I have ever seen this thread before.....:D
  5. Wazzaaaaaaap! :D:D

    Someone called? I have been summoned!

    Oh man! This thread brings back the memories! Well, Menard's has the car. I told him it was a "custom undercoating" (LOL!!!). Well, actually, he had noticed while trying to secure the battery that there was a "greasy substance" on everything...YEAH FOOL! Rustproofing to last the ages! I'll go up there in 10 years and I bet the car will still be sitting there, completely rust free....with like 10 pounds of dirt stuck to it.

    So the grease had kinda turned black and flattened out with time but it never really fallen off per se, just oozed a bit towards the back of the chassis. I did manage to light it on fire once when the catalytic converter overheated cause the carb had a fuel leak. That was fun. But I sprayed it with the garden hose till the fire went out and greased it back up again!

    But reading this old thread...makes me wanna grab another mustang and start my old antics again.

    Keep up the good fight, stangers!!

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    Pete, you rule. :hail2:
  7. OMFG! So thats the immortal crazypete.:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    It caught on fire and he greased it back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol:
  8. holy crap...I remember back when this thread first the days of Sireushot/TT91 (however the f it was spelled) & Joe...and those most memorable e-fights and 6" intake spacers....

    Ahhhhh, those were the days....

  9. interesting thread, that took alot of reading.:SNSign:
  10. Oh no, it's back! :rlaugh:
  11. Die you thread!!! die!!!!

    I bet Cray pete doesnt even have the Stang anymore....
  12. lol, Did you not read post #366.
  13. I did but thats cause I just learned to read :banana:
  14. Woooooohooooooo! :D:D:D

    Keep the thread alive!

    You know I love you guys! LOL!

    I've graduated from grease to silicone tire spray. Makes a bigger mess faster. Plus, it makes the paint all shiny!

    I was siliconing up my audi a4 (daily driver) this weekend. I feel the extra slipperyness makes improves gas mileage by reducing wind resistance. Plus, its hilarious to watch rain just bead up and roll off the car. It's like rain-x-ing your entire car. Gives it that great "dealer" smell inside too.

    CrazyPete.....keepin them crevasses greased since 2005!!

    Y'all have a good night, ya hear?
  15. Let's not resurrect dead non-tech threads people.
  16. But Timeless2 did it the last time... :hide:

    Besides - this is absolutely a :SNSign: classic! :D