LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. I do not recall what you are talking about. ;)
  2. Damn now my post in another thread is null and void ....... oh not right now though :banana:
  3. crazy pete's rustproofing ftw!!
  4. :fuss:
  5. give you the thumbs :nice:up cause thats what i planned on doing i have four fox bodies mustangs here in chicago and a 69 mach 1 ,,,, two converibles -two hatch,,,,,using grease is about the only way to stop rust,, i also drilled a few 1/4 holes in the rocker panels, also drilled behind the door braces and sprayed chain lubricant in them,,,poured oil in the trunk,inside the cowl under the carpet padding etc,, grease was my next plan,my daily winter driver is hatchbody with the 2.3 if you have a 5.0 it would be trouble in the snow as they are front heavy, i will only drive one of the mustangs in the winter,its my sacrificial car ha ha ,,,, will start greasing the other mustangs soon even though i don't plan on driving them in the snow the moisture here in chicago will get to them,,i don'believe in undercoating as it only gets hard and flaky in time and rust will gather behind it, ,,,have fun
  6. ^you rule^
  7. this is exactly why i ****ing hate previous owners :mad: and also :ban:
  8. there can only be 1 crazy pete......
  9. It just refuses to die :rlaugh:
  10. Any chance you have run over a chicken, or other large bird. Since you greased up the bottom of the car?

    That way, you can have the whole tar and feather effect.
  11. EPIC thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey...thats a great idea! The feathers will generate lift and in so doing, reduce surface friction and improve my gas mileage. Plus, if I have a cooperative passenger, we could flap the feathered doors and make the car leap over obstacles and slow drivers in front of me ;)

    LOL! Keeping the grease thread alive!
  13. this **** is a classic....
  14. This thread rules.
  15. It's winter. Have you all done your rustproofing?
  16. Had to have post 400. Grease it or lease it! :rlaugh: