LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. haha i forgot all about this thread, i wonder how that turned out
  2. One day......thousands of years from now, achealogists digging for the fabled city of "boston", a settlement long lost to history and the sands of time will striketh their shovels upon a metallic object. After much careful excavation, they will see before them a strange 4 wheeled object with a small blue oval symbol on its nose. They will marvel at how well preserved this machine seems to be, as its contemporaries have already turned to dust and from this object they will learn much of these thing long lost such as horzepwr, one wheel peels, squeeking hatches, unibodies and nose heavy rear wheel drive sportscars.

    And thus she will live on in a museum for our descendents and their descendents to enjoy for eons. THAT is what will happen to the grease-five-oh!
  3. this is an epic thread. i got made fun of like mad for laughing my face off this morning.
  4. Wow.. A visit from the greased one himself. :hail2:
  5. If thou spake the name of the greaseth one, never shall he turneth a deaf ear.
  6. i cant believe that this thread is still around!
  7. I just read all 17 pages, and it took up to page 13 or so before I realized how old it is. I laughed my butt off through the first 5 or so pages! Glad someone busted this out for me to stumble on!
  8. Wow! I remember when this started :D
  9. Was surfing for some rust proofing for my buddies 67 and stumbled on crazypete again. Still laughin'. I love this thread.
  10. it just keeps coming back from the dead.
  11. My first time reading this. I can just see the looks on the faces of mechanics if it ever goes up on a lift.
  12. this thread is like herpes.
  13. Q: If so, do they make an equivalent to Valtrex to help prevent future outbreaks?

    A: Why yes ... yes, they do. ----> :lock:

  14. this is funny i just read every post prior to this one.

    i want to hear how he uses silocone based tire dressing. I've heard of this but not sure how it works. or is applied or how long it last???

    After all these years, this is the first time I seen this thread. How did I miss it? lol. Soooo.. That's what everyone was talkin about when they mentioned the guy who put 100lbs of grease on the underside... lol.

    But wow..still. that's a LOT of grease. To see it.. just wow. I'd never want to work on that. I know I have a habit of smearing anti-seize grease all over bolt heads and other steel parts... but that...noo. I wonder, to this date, does crazy pete still think that was a good idea? lol

    If one wanted to remove it, it would take more than just brake cleaner. Hell, you'd need like 30 cans of brake cleaner to get that off. You'd need some HD degreaser and a pressure wand. Probably take off some paint with it. lol
  16. I have only heard about this thread, didn't know the legend was true!
  17. i just literally laughed my ass off.
  18. god... it's still around. all these years and it's still around. Curious though... is the original coating of grease still there? and if so, has it needed to be reapplied or upgraded.
  19. Its about that time to think about rustproofin yer car again!

    I was telln a kid at work about CrAzY PeTes rust proofing....had to look it up to email him the htread....hhahhaha