LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. Man this is a great thread. Can we get an up to date pic of the grease beast?
  2. This is so funny. I work at Advance Auto Parts, and I had a customer come up to me about a week ago asking for grease because he wanted to do this exact same thing to his truck. The first thing I thought of was this thread, I didnt go through telling him I've seen the end result before, the only thing I told him was "Its gonna get messy."
  3. Halloween is coming so this thread rose from the dead.
  4. It's almost that time of the year where all good foxbody owners minds turn to rustproofing. :D
  5. damn youz! :fuss:
  6. Its about that time again! :D
  7. :lol:
  8. This reminds me, i need to bring back that sea foam thread in 4.6 talk.
  9. Haha this thread returns!
  10. Thank you, for those 18 pages of laughter. :D Crazy Pete is my idol.
  11. lol I remember this thread, I love how the first reply to this thread was just "good lord....".
  12. This thread has inspired me.

    I'm going to open up a chain of shops in the north called "Crazy Pete's Undercoating".

    Slathering the underside of the car in grease will be the "Crazy Pete Special".
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  14. So.. You have all found my true Identity
  15. It's hard to tell, but it looks like he forgot the rear axle and gas tank. If you are gonna do a job then you gotta do it right!
  16. I just greased my tires as per instructions.... oh wait :(
  17. I bump this thread about this time a year LOL
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  18. hahahaha it lives!!
  19. There is a link to this thread on the stangnet facebook page!! WIN!
  20. ;)