LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. I bet by now there there is so much **** stuck in that goo...

    I saw that Tim had posted and a small part of me had to look, maybe he finally locked the door on it, nope.
  2. I wonder what ever happened to crazypete. He hasn't been around in a long time I don't think.
  3. this was a good read
  4. always a good read !
  5. So this is the infamous grease car. WOW:rlaugh:
  6. Perhaps this theory didnt workout so well???
  7. I stumbled across this thread tonight to see if anyone had the a similar idea as me as just completed the same process this weekend on my 2010 mustang and my wife's 2011 Fiesta. I have to say Crazy Pete you sure have some thick skin. He is also not the only person in New England to perform this rust prevention method, it is quite a common occurrence in this area. Albeit it is becoming less and less frequent to see. My father has also performed the same process on his vehicles as well over the years with very good luck.

    These are the 2nd and third cars to receive the coating in my fleet, I did the same to my 97 ranger 3 years ago after my rear shackles rotted out. Basically sealed everything in place and locked out the rust.

    My coats were no where near as thick as CrazyPete's and I kept it far away from any of the heat sources and made sure I used a high temp grease.

    Rock on Pete!
  8. I think this thread will live eternally!
  9. All these years, and this is still the best thread ever.
  10. Whats up fools!?!?

    Crazypete still in the house!

    This thread continues to be filled with epic win and timeless awesomeness. I journey back through its many pages of timeless LULZ and grease and running over of aliens and remember the best days of my life :banana:

    Keep on trucking (stangin) my friends!
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  11. So what was the final outcome of this... er... mess?
  12. outcome. Sounds so ominous.

    The grease stayed put for a looooooong time, eventually becoming streamlined (extra mpg!) and thicker as is collected dust. I had many interesting conversations with mechanics in the meantime, some who unwisely ignored my warnings to be wary of the underside of this ford.

    Eventually the mods in my sig proved too much and the low teens milage combined with the rock hard springs and the ear ringing delicious sound prompted me to move along autowise. I was shocked to learn that there is not much market for overmodified cars covered in grease. Eventually, the car and all of its pristinely preserved parts found a good home at Menard's in NH. I donated the car back to the parts guru who helped me for so many years to find all the parts I needed.

    It was a great journey.
  13. Go figure, huh? :shrug:
  14. The grease stayed put for a looooooong time, eventually becoming streamlined (extra mpg!)

    I laughed hard!
  15. Somewhere there's a Mustang shell rotted to hell and back but i'll be damned if the floor pan doesn't look brand new (underneath an inch of unholy disgusting :poo:).
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  16. Well....the cool part is, if I ever want to buy the car back....I'll know the frame will be in excellent condition (as long as he stores it belly-up that is)
  17. :lol:

    ****Takes vehicle to Canada where they oil guard under side, door panels, rocker panels and under hood.:runaway:
  18. Is it crazy that I can remember this thread the day it was posted :shrug:

    I remember reading it when it was only a few posts deep. I was still able to eat dairy back then and not :poo: all over the place

  19. HORRAY!!!!!