LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. I just read the first and last page of this thread for the first time. Did you ever consider using cosmoline instead of grease. The military packs guns and anything else they want to store and not rust for years in that stuff.
  2. Mainly because I didnt know about that stuff but it looks to be a bit more expensive and not High Temp

    cosmotine flash point is only 365 degrees.

    You can take a lighter open flame (700 ish degrees at the base) to high temp grease and it will take a second or so before it ignites but once it is lit watch out.

    But good thinking though! :)
  3. Well that was a good read.
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  5. Aaaand its back
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  6. Aaaah...the memories. There is still a dark dark area in the middle of the garage floor: the site of this glorious event in automotive history.

    One day, wise scholars will look back on this and say...CrazyPete...he was a pioneer, a true visionary. His groundbreaking automobile preservation and friction reduction techniques were decades ahead of their time. (they still haven't called me about the Nobel prize yet). =P =P =P

    Keep on stangin, gentlemen ;)
  7. keep it alive and rust free...

  8. .....or not. o_O
  9. Pete, how long did that stay on there? I know you said 1-2 rainstorms but there was no way that was coming off that quickly.

    This one wasn't as bad as the guy who flushed his Cobra's motor with a garden hose. So to you Pete...I hope it's still rust free under there.
  10. It stayed on there over a year and a half. It got a lot less gooey and a lot more like a thin coat of clay or putty. It wore off in some places but stayed put in the little valleys and places like the torque boxes that rust. In other words, as long as you dont need to rummage under the car, this is a very effective procedure ;)
  11. Junkyard bound.
  12. That was an urban myth. The guy later came back to say he was trolling.

  13. Aww shucks. :oops:
  14. Here you go! This was the last pic I ever took of the underside one season later. The grease is still running strong, more "streamlined" and gooey. My homemade welds for the subframe connectors did not hold onto the grease at all and ended up picking up rust but only around the weld bead. One very well preserved floorpan indeed ;)

    Picture 519.jpg
  15. Not to take this thread off topic, but isnt that how you normally flush a motors coolant system?? Or are you talking about sometihng else. I always have used hose water when flushing coolant.
  16. No, he took a hose filled the engine up with water, drove it around then drained it. Not a coolant flush as he called an engine flush. I remember seeing pics of the carnage.
  17. And what kind of carnage came from driving the car w/ water in the cooling system instead of AF?

    I didn't see that thread, so the humor still is lost on me.
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  19. I wasn't referring to you, I was bumping it up for the newer members that have not had the chance to read this epic thread. You're not that special.:nonono: