LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. :cry:
  2. Huh... Who wouldda thunk? :rlaugh:
  3. This part always gets me going "After running the car and letting it suck in sand we got about half way through a 25 lb bag. The check engine light was on and the engine was bucking and kicking and sounding really weird."
  4. CrAzYpEtE where is you?
  5. Awaken from your slumber oh chosen thread. Its time to entrrtain the masses.
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  6. Wait.... It's not the 12th yet. :scratch:
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  7. Meh Im trying to give up procrastinating.

  8. I'm going to do that too someday. :nice:
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  9. Let's be serious now.
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  10. I'm seriously procrastinating.
  11. I was going to join the National Association of Procrastinators or NAP as they are know, but they keep rescheduling the meetings?
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  12. I joined in '86. Still have not met.
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  13. I was supposed to get an invitation but it never came. :shrug:
  14. never got my membership card either
  15. I keep meaning to look into joining. :shrug:
  16. Procrastinators unite tomorrow!
  17. I'm busy this week. Next week ok?
  18. I'll let you know.