LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. If they do, you'll at least know which ones did it. LOL
  2. ever considered Rust Encapsulator from Eastwood? It's supposed to be like por15 but better. If that stuff won't stick to the bottom of your car, nothing will.
  3. Start with this...
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    And start over again with bed liner stuff. Herculiner or sumthin'
  4. You guys are too funny

    I have plenty of "rubber coating" on the underside of my rear fenders behind the rear wheels. :D:D

    As a matter of fact, as I scraped it off, some of it landed in my 400 watt shoplight(the glass had broken a while ago so it was an "open shoplight") and caused one hell of a stink.
  5. Alright, I just have to ask...jrichker: what the hell is your day job? You seem to have answers for pretty much anything that comes up...although I did know the ketones part thanks to some friends doing Atkins diet this past summer, lol.
  6. I would of went and got it oil sprayed with Krown or Rustcheck or Oil Gaurd. Oh yea I already did that Oil Gaurd and I payed $20 cause I work there when they need exrta help.
  7. whoa there al gore settle down
  8. :banana: I used to dump my changed oil into the street drains until I found out it was a Federal crime :banana:

    :scratch: Wonder how many fish that killed
  9. Good lord man!
    How much coke did you snort 'fore you came up with the idea of slappin' a 1 year's dose of KY under your car? Lol :eek:
  10. I bet jrichker would be good at jeapordy
  11. no real good hangouts unfortunatly... i sometimes chill in the filenes parking lot after 10 with some other friends. I live up on thomas st, so you may have seen me drive by the lions club in the morning. good to know theres a mustang wrench man in town incase i ever get in a pickle
  12. I spent 11 years as an aircraft mechanic on pistion engine aircraft. That will give you a whole different perspective on mechanic work along with some useful ideas...
  13. holy grease?? lol.....all i can say is, if your wife/girlfriend ever has any moisture issues i feel for her:rlaugh: sorry had to say it......good luck with the grease:D
  14. one word "dumbass"
  15. Well, I just ran the car and it doesnt smoke or smell awful or anything. It had the sliiightest whiff in the cabin but it was barely noticable. As I type this, I smell a funny smell so it has a strange after-smell but it is also very mild sooooooo


    I'll see how it holds up in a week or so
  16. This is the most effective method to use on boat trailer springs and axles that get launched in salt water, other than there may be some environmental issues, but it has never been studied that I know of.
    Pretty good method.

    Similar to the high gloss shine produced by coating the paint with baby oil. Yep, that works too!
  17. I did this, only didn't use as much and went with a spray on rust stopping grease - can't remember what it was called but was pretty thick.

    Didn't work. moisture collected under my nice coat of grease and it continued to rust. I am now in the process of trying to clean it so I can apply Por15 or Rust Encapsulator.

    Any ideas on a good, environmenatlly friendly cleaner?
  18. I've said it before and I'll say it again...
    Crazy Pete you are crazy. :rlaugh:

    I do agree with the somewhat hippie comment above by RandyStinchcomb. This action is completely irresponsible. Part of the reason we still get screwed on emissions testing is because of lack of responsibility from folks who think this way. Wasted oil resources help to drive up the cost of gasoline. We should all be striving to make responsible decisions when playing with our toys.
    I'll probably get flamed for saying this but it is my opinion. If you wish, flame on. :)

    As for the ketones...
    The only serious long term affects I remember from reading the MSDS, was liver cirrhosis, similar to what an alcoholic would get. The ketones actually soak into your bloodstream through your skin. Another major concern though, is that what ever you are cleaning/dissolving with the ketone, will be absorbed by your body along with the ketone. You will want to wear ketone safe gloves if you use MEK or MPK to clean up grease like that.
    The "old timer" Boeing aircraft mechanics used to use MEK to clean up every day, and never wore gloves. This turned out to be one of the major factors in retired Boeing employees having an abnormally high rate of liver cirrhosis.
    I do agree with Jrichker, a few years in aerospace will change your outlook on many things.

  19. Now you have environmental concerns?

    Probably just Simple Green, or some other useless cleaner.

    Brake cleaner will remove anything.