LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. Props for creativity :shrug:

    Hell would freeze over before I did that to MY Mustang though...
  2. well you'll see where he was since their will be a nice clean streak following his car since his undercarriage will suck it all up :lol:
  3. probably not such a good idea

    I know if I was driving behind you and that stuff was flying off the bottom of your car onto mine...there would be a problem...
  4. Hey anyone who lives in mass and sees the sheer amount of salt on the roads and the horribly rusted cars driving around (especially after looking at the underside of my girlfriends t-bird) will not think this is too extreme when you think of maybe HAVING to drive your project car around in the snow.

    As for environmental issues.....the grease didnt budge. Its all still there and I confirmed that there is not a spot of it on my garage floor or driveway so to all your environmentalist naysayers, I go "PTBPTPBTPBPTBP" and stick my tounghe out. If it sticks to the car the same way it sticks to my hands (and doorknobs and tools and workclothes), then it will be down there for a looooong time! good is spraypaint propellant for the environment? Or bodyfiller solvent? I dont think the 5 cans of spraypaint solvent would be that much less harmful than this stuff.

    Hey that green lx 5.0 fox with the straightcut tailpipes I see rounding the corner under the bridge at 8:20 every morning?
  5. Dude, that would be a "free rustproofing".

    I wonder how many free rustproofings I'll hand out tonight on my way to townsend?
  6. It looks like someone did the money shot on the bottom of your car :nice:
  7. :nonono: that has tobe the biggest mess i have ever seen.
  8. What the hell are you driving a mustang in the winter for anyway??? That's just askin for trouble...
  9. It's surprisingly surefooted. I lightened the nose a lot and weightened the tail a bit. Should be pretty close to 50/50 right now.

    When it gets real bad, I hit the tire chains (well, theyre more like tire cables actually).

    I hate the thought of not being able to drive my stang for half a year so I drive it anyways. Plus as I mentioned before, I have only 1 car even though the girlfriend's t-bird takes up the brunt of the "lets go somewhere" duties in the winter.
  10. :lol: ....... you're crazy Pete :nice:
  11. Hey those things work. I remember winters out in amherst as a poor college student seeing explorers and trucks stuck in snowbanks while my tire chained 87 lx 5.0 plinked away.

    I had a weekend job that required me to drive back to boston...sometimes at 2 am in snowstorms before the plows have had a chance to do their thing.

    I've become an expert in winterizing mustangs, LOL!

    Driving in the snow is sort of like that old game "asteroids". You point the car in a direction then give it a burst of throttle. You are now drifting in that direction. Then you change direction and apply some throttle to change your drift. It's quite fun and really keeps you awake behind the wheel!
  12. I get mine done at Krown every year.:nice:
  13. Sorry I'm late....

    So let me get this straight....

    You smeared 7 cans of chassis grease onto the whole underside of your car as a rust prevention method?
  14. How old are you??
  15. omg dude... what in the world were you thinking
  16. LMFAO! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Tell 'em Uncle Meat- Alabamians don't do that kinda *&^%!
  17. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Dude may I use that gif please lol. :lol:
  18. yeah that might mess up your automatic trans. hahahahha
  19. I needed a good laugh. My battery was dead this morning.
    I think he was in The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville.