LoL still alive baby

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  1. hi there, havent been able to update too much on my Car and no new pics since my brother lost my digital Camera <shakes fist> anywho heres some of the new mods on the car (please remember im car inept having a few friends help me learn):

    Put on Cold Air Induction Saturday doesnt go into fender...just sitting out there, but i supported it so that it wouldnt bounce around, gave it a complete Tune up, New Sparkplugs, much better cables, and Shocks, god its alot happier.

    and a few weeks ago i put on the new pipes, went with 2 turbos, I was a little affraid that it would sound like a civic but nope, im very very surprised by it.

    I want to Get a new Intake and Header But im not quite sure which ones to get would it make a dramatic change?, its an 88 any suggestions? (Turbo comes in summer) and would a Roller Cam make any differance in it?

    so In all the car is insainly happier rides fantastic the struts are only 2 months old or so

    oh yeah and keyless...god i love keyless
  2. leave it as is, start saving/ collecting for your turbo swap, takes a few pieces to make that happen. Dont throw more money at it (i.e. header / intake ) since this stuff will NOT swap over, therefore will be a loss IMO.