lol this guy on ccr sais that a c3 is the best trans for a 2.3...

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  1. Iam sorry I think the t5 is alot better than a c3 IMO.

  2. Is'nt the C3 the basis for the A4LD. I have read that a time or twelve, and that being the case it is a POS. Drains power, breaks at the drop of a hat, not as much fun, enough said here.
  3. I would put 2.3 autos in this order

    and the C4 is the only one worth messing with at all.
  4. Agreed :hail2:

    That C4 will take a huge beaten compared to any of those others in my opinion.
  5. I'm actually going to try to run a stock C4 with a shift improver kit in my pinto(until it dies)
    By then I will have finished my auto trans course and I would like to then build a rollerized C4.
  6. Would that be like a PA Performance C4, with the "power planet" gear(?), I'm trying to understand "rollerized".
  7. I may confuse myself in trying to explain it since I don't know too well either.

    Yeah PA offers a rollerized C4.