Long Awaited Upgrade... (edelbrock Intake)

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  1. Engine was rebuilt 10k miles ago. It already has an Edelbrock Performer Cam and a new Holly 4160 Carb. Now it will have a new Edelbrock Performer Intake.

    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG

  2. very good. take care installing the intake, remember that you can install the intake without removing the distributor.
  3. Nice add! I'm interested in your thoughts on the Holley 4160. Does it perform well? Thinking about the same carb for my build.
  4. the 4160 series holley carbs are good ones, but they are jetted somewhat rich out of the box for most combinations, so be prepared for a rejetting exercise. imo the edelbrock performer carb is a better street carb than the holley.
  5. I have been running that carb for 8 years now. Never re-jetted it, just do minor air fuel mixture adjustments. Love it.
  6. Intake install complete. It sure does take a lot longer when you clean everything before you put it back on. Runs great. The motor definitely feels like it runs much more freely.

  7. Before I added in the antifreeze I flushed the system. (Big mistake.) Now I have to change the heater core and radiator due to leaks. :notnice:

    Here's a completed picture.

  8. That's actually a good thing .you found the leaks before they opened up on you away from home and left you stranded .
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