Long live the Mustang & (Lightning)

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  1. Those of you who know us and watch our site may notice some recent changes as to our product offering. As of today, we are now solely focused on our 1979-2013 Ford Mustang and 1993-2004 Ford Lightning product lines.

    Veering Off...
    You’ve seen some deviation from this in our 12 years of business. We saw need along our path to veer off, and explore other models. 88-98 Chevy truck came first. We saw parallels between these trucks and our beloved Fox body Mustangs based off the popularity of the platform, ability to customize and availability of parts. Next, we explored the resurgence of the contemporary pony cars from other makes, in form of the all-new 2008 Challenger. Then more trucks, then the new Camaro. We then slimmed back on our truck offering to just CK and Lightning (because, you know, a Lightning is basically a Mustang with a bed) and were left with a final offering as of yesterday of Mustang, Lighting, CK, Challenger and Camaro.
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    Back to the Basics
    Well, as of today, it’s just Mustang and Lightning. Our hearts have always been with Mustang. Lightning, although a smaller component of our product offering, just fits us, as well as the Mustang community (I can’t think of a Mustang owner that doesn’t desire to own a Lightning). We’ve elected to concentrate our efforts on these two faithful brands.

    Mustang & Lightning Enthusiasts at Heart
    When you get down to it, we are Mustang people through and through. We know these cars like the back of our hands. Many of us know exactly what sizes of sockets it takes to disassemble a fox body. We’ve owned every year and iteration of these cars, and installed and tested virtually every product in our inventory. We’ve performed at least 5 mod motor conversions, restored countless fox body Mustangs, changed more 4 lugs to 5 lugs than we could count, and we’ve raced, showed and modified them all. Our employees own and drive late model Mustangs daily. Our current crop of Coyotes in the parking lot is 6. We’ve got a couple of new 3.7 Mustangs, a couple of 05-09 S197’s, at least a half a dozen Cobras of all years, scores of 87-93 coupes and a plethora of SN95’S. Some of our Mustangs get passed around like the peace pipe between employees (look at project Six Appeal, for example), and personalized to their respective owners over and over again.
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    Experience... 535 Mustangs Owned
    We boast 250 years of combined Mustang experience. Although this is a huge number, maybe we should alter that to reflect the number of Mustangs we’ve owned. That number is 535; we’re erring on the conservative side, as some of us have owned cars we can’t remember. As of this writing, I alone currently own 12. Of the 12, 11 are newer than 1990 (number 12 is a 70 Fastback), plus a 99 Lightning. You get the point. We eat, sleep and breathe these cars. Lightning guys, don’t worry, at least a dozen L’s have hauled our employees’ loads.

    Expect Great Things
    Selling parts for the other models has been an experience. We’ve learned about other cultures within the car community, and had the chance to step out of the Mustang bubble. In doing this, though, we’ve sacrificed our reputation as Mustang enthusiasts at times. We realize that we are best at Mustang because we are Mustang people. We relate, we’re enthusiasts, and we know the cars. We’re just like you are. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by our loyal customers, enthusiasts like us, every day we come to work. We look forward to continuing to grow our Mustang and Lightning communities. Expect great things to come. We want to be your first choice in Mustang and Lightning restoration, styling and performance parts. Thank you for your continuing support and patronage.

    Long live Mustang! (and Lightning!)

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  2. You guys should change your name back to 50resto
  3. We do a bit more than the restoration part now though. When we were 50resto, 99.9% of the business was just 79-93 fox restoration parts. Now with the hype for the 94-04 and 05+ cars, we have to find a happy medium.