Long time Mustang lover

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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Mike and I love all things Mustang. Curently I have a 65 coupe with a 302 somewhat modified, a 71 coupe that needs the heads rebuilt and a new interior and an 08 Bullit with 4000 miles on it. Don,t get to drive it enough. I had to sell my 67 Fastback a couple years ago and it really hurt. I also had a 68 coupe color of the month car for March and a 67 coupe that my son sold to one of his friends in the neighborhood. I still get to work on that one occasionally. I had a 71 Torino and a 69 Cougar that I bought so I could fix up and sell. I still like to get my hands dirty and do everything I can myself. I have three 302's in my garage and they all need to be rebuilt.
  2. Welcome!
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