Long time, no see. So who's still around?

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Power Surge, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Still here...still loving the Cobra. Not sure why the picture sucks, but I am here. Nice hearing from you. Wondering myself who else is here.
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  2. don't post much but still visit. powersurge, things looking better for you now? haven't seen you on the clubcobra site in a long time
  3. Hey Sal, How are you doing?
  4. Hey guys! I'm doing okay. I had to close PSP down in 2008, and have been working for Goodyear since then. I had to sell my 427 Cobra in 2009 to help pay off bills from the business closing. I picked up a 2007 GT500 last year, and I still have the 78 Mach1. I am planning on getting back to work on the Mach, which is why I'm visiting the old MII stomping grounds :).

    Good to see some of the old timers. Things sure have changed though. It's even harder nowadays to find the parts I need for the 78.
  5. Sorry to hear about your rough spell. Glad to hear things are looking better for you. It's been pretty slow around here. Most have moved over to the Mustangii.net site and that site is very active presently. Some parts are easier to find but other stuff is getting worse. That's the problem with have a "unpopular" car I guess. ;)

  6. great to hear about the turn-a-around. keep yourself out of trouble
  7. I'm still here, mostly post in "The Squeaky Wheel" now.

    I stepped down as a moderator at Allfordmustangs.com last year, got perma-banned there for saying "sammiches" too many times this year (no joke, couldn't make it up if I tried!), but I'm still active here, on MustangII.net, and blueovalfun.net (I post as "ElSuperPinto" there).
  8. I'm still around on occasion. Back to school again, but check in from time to time...
  9. Still here. I get on here every now and then.
  10. Still lurking, not much to say
  11. I take a look around here from time to time.
    I still have my 78 MII. 29 years and still going.
    Going to have to update to 5 lug 15" wheels soon.
    No 205 70 13.
  12. Since I sold The Riddler I haven't been on any II site much. Trying to get my house in order and maybe have a decent car by next summer. Things sure did change over the last year
  13. Look in once in a while...almost started looking again, then saw what was available and the OMG prices for beaters...guess the II days are all in the past now. Trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers.
  14. Hello, still hetre. Formally 1970impala (see top of this thread). still have the cobra, still showing it. now my kids are beginning to enjoy it. I miss talking to all of you. I am interested in also seeing who is still around.
  15. I still post over in "The Squeaky Wheel" forum here on Stangnet pretty often, but that's about it. Just not much traffic in the II forum here anymore. I still post over on MustangII.net though.

    I think the II forums on the larger Mustang sites have all died off for the same reason. Eventually the moderator that is passionate about the cars and leads that particular forum steps down, and the place becomes a ghost town soon after. It happened at Allfordmustangs.com when I stepped down over there, and it seems to have happened here too.

    But I'm very active with my current II (well, one of my current IIs, the other is for sale, stalled-out project), I drive it at least once a week, I take it to the meetings and on the tours of the local antique car club I've joined, and I'm slowly but surely making this former drag car more street friendly and just enjoying the hell out of it. I've found a great club that doesn't shun oddball cars, but embraces them (we've got Edsels, AMCs, my II, a VW Karmman-Ghia, and a few others, as well as your typical Mustangs, Fairlanes, etc.).

    Here's a pic of my '75 II next to our club treasurer's '65. He's the one storing my '76 for me that I'm trying to sell.
  16. I still show up every now and again. I'm still changing my Cobra II with little tweaks here and there. I bought a CBII go-kart from Brian (Project 77) a few years ago that I am working on for the little girl. I built a new chassis for the body. Just need to get rid of the old chassis as it take up too much room.

  17. I'm still floating around time to time, I still have my King, and finally getting it ready for paint and a 5 speed. Hope to have it all done by next spring;)
  19. Still here 76 cobra white with blue blue deluxe interior. Recent refresh of 302 . Edelbrock 268 performer cam & lifters, performer 289 intake, 600 holley vac sec. I did the exit in front of the rear tires with 1 1/2 pipes with chrome tips. Did a poor boy exhaust ,just welded a second pipe to stock Y pipe and added thrust glass packs running in tunnel under drive shaft ,2 parts store 90 degree elbows, alil welding zip zop dual exhaust.C-4 with shift kit 300 traclock. Keeping the II visible on byways of southern OK

    Later tim