Long time, no see. So who's still around?

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  1. I'm still here too. Slow resto for me.
  2. There's a 76 Cobra II here for sale with a 351 for a $1000 good deal?
  3. Not bad, depending on the condition of the motor and interior.
  4. Forum Admin can I post a link to a craiglist add here?

  5. That's it!!!! How many times I gotta tell ya to stop saying Squeaky Wheel???? :ban:

  6. If you're trying to sell something, no. If it's so that we can all point and laugh at it, then by all means. :D
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  7. Yesss! Prepare to laugh. Still waiting on motor pics.
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  8. Sorry master! I'll go back to my little corner of Stangnet and keep quiet, please don't bring out the ban-hammer!
  9. You should post the CL ad in it's own post here. Will probably bring more attention.

    On a side note, I was a little bit interested in what that car was like, although I don't have the funds nor a place to work on it.... :(
  10. My step father in law needs a motor for his ranger. So I'm going to see if he wants to go half&half on it. I'll take the body for $500.
  11. Still around and lurking as well. Been a busy few years, helping getting a company off the ground, and buying a house with a huge yard. On the plus side, the King Cobra now has a nice 3200sq ft garage that i park it in!
  12. I'm alive... Obviously not on here much. Still have my II, just haven't done much else. Life has its way if gettin IN the way... lol Hope everyone is doing well! :nice:
  13. Im still pluggin away on the car. Its bout done enough to get on the road next summer. Rims tires exhaust paint front rear bumpers and front n rear spoiler and a few interior finishing touches. Been a long time comin.
  14. Checking in. Hoping to finally get to the II this winter with the motor swap.
  15. Still Around working on #3, A Mach I this time...
  16. Still lurking, still have mine.. it's been a slow but steady project, changing one thing after another.. it's EFI now, I was using the Anderson PMS, but I've since went to VEMS. Next up will be brakes/5 lug upgrades, then at some point hoping to go turbo.
  17. AH!!! ZOMBIE THREAD!!!

    Really just bumping this to get some notifications out to the participants in this thread to let them know that we're working on reviving the II Forum.