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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by meg, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Greetings from Kansas. I'm brand new to this group...any group really. Will most definitely have lots of questions. I have owned my 92 GT since 1995 when it only had 37,000 mile on it. Fast forward to today where my pony is super tired with well over 400,000. And so now my projects begin. The first will be transmission related as I am locked out of second gear.
  2. Hiya Meg, welcome to Stangnet.

    Show us a picture or two of your mustang, we love pictures here.

    Look around our '79-'95 subforums, that's were us fox nuts hang out.

    400k? Good job of keeping it alive. That alone sets you in good with us.

    I look forward to your rebuild and feel free to comment on any thread you would like to.

    It's good to have you with us.
  3. That's rather nice. I like that colour.