Exhaust Long Tube Headers, At What Level Do I Nee

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  1. Been running long tubes on my 306, I think combo is in sig, but I cracked block so rebuilding it. The L T's are of unknown manufacture and they fit but are a PIA to bolt to headers. Am I making much more power with them or should I go with some easier to deal with shortys? I have good heads and am going bigger with cam.
  2. The long tubes are likely adding at least 10hp, up to 20, and probably more torque than that. It's your choice - how much is it worth to you?
  3. Keep em, they simply cannot be beat
  4. Ok thanks, I know every comparison article I ever read showed long tubes making at least 8-10 over shorts even on a mild motor. And I meant PIA to bolt to heads of course. I got AFR 165's w/58cc chambers and some gas so I'm sure I'd lose power, going with bigger cam too so... Case closed
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  6. disclaimer: I run shorties

    Shorty headers really add very little in hp on these cars, it's mostly for sound and appearance. If you have LT keep them as they will add HP and TQ but are a PITA . If you have MAC LT headers I feel your pain.
  7. Any thoughts on BBK long tubes? How bad are they to install?
  8. I recently took off mt bbk lingtubes when i went turbo. They are easiest to install from underneath
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  9. glad to hear that! Thanks for the response