Long Tube HEADERS?? which best....

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  1. oh, i meant im getting Kooks for that price. ;) Would never pay that price for SLPs when they're going for under $700 at MT.com and rpmoutlet.com like you said. Although they are awesome :drool:

    i dont know 100% about the SLPs, but im pretty sure the passenger side needs to be removed. I was dead set on those LTs but decided I wanted tranny access so I'll pay out the ass now. There are a few guys w/SLP LTs around here, maybe they'll chime in and let us know.
  2. Best bang for buck? Mac ceramic coated. Hands down. It may not make most power. But for their price, you can't beat them
  3. so what headers can i drop my tranny with??? i'm gonna get some and have them installed with my S/C. are the flow techs crap or are they just as good as any other?
  4. bassani, hookers, flowtech (similar design as hookers, just not the same quality), and kooks allow you to drop the tranny without removing the passenger side.

    slp is a very nice, quality piece, but requires you to remove it in order to access the clutch.

    nothing wrong with flowtechs, just that it has some weld beads that you should clean up with a dremel before installing. the flanges aren't the thickest, but its decent. and someone also already mentioned the slipfit design, so it's prone to leaking. but its nothing some hitemp rtv and a clamp from summit (about $4) won't take care of.

    mac is notorious for their flaking ceramic coating (which you should get for whatever headers you order), and some have experienced poor fitment with them. it seems to be a hit or miss with them.

    if money is an issue, get the flowtechs. they even come with o2 sensors I believe which you will need unless you extend them yourself. you will have to order their xpipe to go along with their headers, or have someone fabricate your midpipe to fit them (don't forget about the slipfit design opposed to your ball and socket).
  5. What mid pipe did you use with those?
  6. Just installed my Flowtech LT's and X-pipe about a week ago. I've had NO issues with leaks so I didn't use "the fix" that others have mentioned. Easily the best mod I've done to the car thus far :)

    It picked up about 20rwhp/20rwtq and a hot date with Helty's mom :D

    jk about the last part but it did inspire my gf to get a V8 stang...

    The install was a headache (as with all LT's) and I did have some issues with the steering knuckle hitting the headers but that could've happened with any brand. Anyways, do a search for any LT before buying...I've heard good and bad about Flowtech, BBK, MAC, etc....the more expensive brands will cost you more but they are typically higher quality. The only header I've heard all negative comments on were Hedman. :shrug:

  7. SLP's are excellent quality. I've had them on for around 2 years and the ceramic coating is still in perfect condition. I'm pretty sure you have to remove the passenger side header to get to the tranny. SLP claims on their site that they guarantee the biggest hp increase of any longtube header. But you guys know how that stuff is.
  8. :eek: :jaw: :eek: :shrug:
  9. BBK ceramic is the way to go... If you look around for awhile before you are ready to buy you can usually find a good deal. I got mine brand new off ebay for 330 bux. I have had them on for a little over a year, they held up ok so far, but not as good as I was hoping - they have a little rust so far.... but I also drive through the snow, sand, dirt, everything (cautiously of course) as the car is my DD.
  10. Damn! I thought I got great deal on Ceramic BBK LT($350)! good job mang:nice:
  11. I have an 05 gt and am looking to get some headers is there a specific one i should get
  12. I couldnt tell you about what headers for an 05.But you did just dig up a 4 year old thread...:nice:
  13. LOL @ mentioning KOOKS LT's in the same sentence as "bang for the buck".
  14. you need to see the s197 section for 05 stuff
  15. Kooks is the way to go...with the work involved in putting these on, wait and save up for the good ones...bang for buck would be a different performance part IMO
  16. It just took you three years to decide which headers and get them on the car. Way to go *******face.
  17. LOL
  18. i personally beleive in you get what you pay for, i would save up and get the Kooks headers, when they were still here on long island they designed my exhaust for my tbird, not only great guys but they know exacly what they are doing. They were fabing up some funny car headers when i was there, and to me if they are good enough for custom work like that, then for our cars they should be great for our cars, you cant beat their quality and perfromance, Kooks all the way...
  19. and i just realized this was an old ass thread hahahaha, go me!
  20. I purchased the SLP LTs with matching Catted-X from American Muscle, mostly because they had free shipping, SN discount and no payments for 90 days with Bill Me Later.