Long Tube Question

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  1. Which company has the overall, best fitting(starter clearance, ground clearance) LT Headers, X-Pipe with cats combo for an 03/04 COBRA? Value would be nice too,just don`t think any of them will be cheap. That`s about all I want to do to the car. I feel it would lower the boost some and pick up some lower end torque and more H.P., after a re-tune of course.
    Other than that, all other mods will be focused on drivability improvements, with minor underhood detailing. Repaint valve cover factory silver. Repaint heat exchanger tank, and CAI tube(matte black). Go back to stock c.o.p. covers. Polished accufab elbow needs painted stock color. Going for less flash, more stealth.
    Thank you (pics will be much appreciated)
  2. For what year Cobra exactly? :shrug: It sounds like you will be exhaust shopping for an 03/04 (?), but it usually helps to include your model year mustang/trim level too. Or include that info in your signature, so others can see the car information and post accordingly to better assist you. :)

    There are LOTS of exhaust brands (and opinions) out there to choose from. It would also help if you listed a ballpark figure of what you are looking to spend, since the prices definitely vary by brand.

    G'luck! :cheers:
  3. LT

    I've always used BBK- quality and fair price. If I had to do something different I will get ceramic coated LT's. Longevity and keeps engine bay temps down compared to non-ceramic.
  4. Price was not mentioned because I`m not really concerned about it, although some value would be nice. If the best is $1500.00 then that`s what I`ll spend. I want the best fit, starter and ground clearance.