Long Tubes a waste on N/A cars.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MustangLife, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. I've been on this board for awhile now. I've done alot of researching and looking at numerous peoples dyno sheets. There a ton of people on this forum and on others with long tubes claiming gains of 15-25 rwhp from long tubes alone. Come on. You can look at plenty of peoples mods list and dyno sheets putting the same hp to ground to the ground with couple bolt ons, off-road x-pipe, cat-back as the ones with the long tubes and off-raod xpipe and cat-back.

    The 80% of the gains people are seeing are from off-road x-pipe and off-road h-pipe.

    Now you got a guy that just put long tubes, x-pipe and flows on his car he gets a dyno of 260rwhp, hes excited. So sinceh esp ut the money on the long tubes and the labor he thinks to himself, he spent alot of money it was worth it. But what the guy doesn't know, that is if he had a off-road x-pipe, cat-back and put the stock shorties back, there probaly won't be but at the most 5rwhp difference.

    I'm making this post, casue there basically is a daily thread on mac long tubes, hooker long tube, and bbk long tubes. Unless your blown, don't waste the $500 on labor for the long tubes, and the $350-$700 for the Headers themselves.

  2. You trap 80-81 in the 1/8 mile. I trap 83-84. You have 4.10s, I have 3.90s.
    I think long tubes are worth it.

    Go read the newest MM&FF and most of the fast modulars in that article have Mac Long Tubes. I go on what performs, not what people say.
  3. Keep giving out :bs: tech then:rolleyes:

    Ever heard of a power curve or just peak numbers?

    Yet again Mustang life giving bad advice
  4. and we will keep correcting him. There is always bad advice given out. I probably have said 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' plenty of times that I was wrong about.

  5. what ignorance.

    I'm telling you I picked up 18 RWHP over a catted Magnaflow X by adding my longtubes, and the off road X. There's only 2-3 RWHP difference in cats vs. no cats in a N/A car. My car pulled alot stronger by adding LT's I promise. And the sound oh :drool:
    See my sig for a video clip -
  6. my .02 , they were the best $$$ spent on my car , the power increase was amazing from idle all the way to redline , If you play on doing a blower or nitrous its well worth it , the sound is amazing too, If I had only known they were going to be that worthwhile i would have done them before i put the K&N in and everybody does the k&n first LOL . if you dont have much money to spend on them , buy the macs because they are the cheapest , spend a weekend and install them yourself , its time consuming but not impossible at all , get them and you will see what the hype is about when you step on the gas .
  7. I guess thats why all the guys that are hitting 11's or low 12's are running longtubes. KenB, Mustang92, Starkie, etc. Too bad you didn't tell them before they installed them, they could have saved some money.

    Reminds me of KirkyG and his centrifugal bashing and misinformation. These two should go to Hawaii or Massachusettes (sp?) and get married, they're a match made in heaven.
  8. well i picked up 10rwhp & 7 rwtq, on my 98 with just the longtubes. i already had everything else done & they were the last thing done. & it needed tuned baaaaad. running super rich

    & i tell ya what, now that i have my longtubes on my 03, i'll let you know how much hp i gained from them. as soon as my shop fixes their dyno, it will be on there. the air brake is messed up & i dont feel like buying a new set of rear pads, just for a dyno pull :rolleyes: i already had my stock baseline taken, so we can get a rough estimate to go by. & i'm sure they are going to be shown to be well worth it
  9. If you're talking about PEAK hp then the LT + X/H pipe vs. stock manifold + X/H pipe are not really that far apart.. but the LT will give you a hell lot more increase on low end and all the way through the curve.. vs. just putting on the X/H pipe in alone..
  10. any updates on the filter test?
  11. I think he is just mad cause he cant get the longtubes or something. The sound alone is worth the money. Who wouldnt want to pick up 2+ mph in the quarter mile? Being an automatic a noticed a HUGE difference in the upper rpms. Feels like I picked up 15+ rwhp easily not to mention the low end I picked up.

  12. not yet :( the day before i went down, they roasted off the rear brakes on a mach 1 :eek: so i decided i could wait until they got the air brake fixed :p hopefully before the end of this week it will be fixed, & as soon as its fixed i'll go back & do the tests :nice:
  13. agreed... drive a stang with just an off road x and cat back, and then drive one with longtubes, and you can feel the difference. Thats all i need.
  14. I heard cams dont work either. :nonono:
  15. Obviously spoken from a person with no experience with Longtubes. I dont even know how many times I've posted dyno sheets with just the addition of Lt's and prochamber which should 26rwhp & 30+rwtq gain. Hmmm, guess I got a special type of prochamber that was able to help me gain 24rwhp & 28+rwtq :rolleyes: . That's not even getting into the area under the curve in which was a considerable difference between the two. Guess you should prob do a little more research before you offer up this type of advice.
  16. amatures.... :nonono: like everyone else said, until you thrash it, don't bash it... that probably sounded stupid, but at the time, it felt right... :nice:
  17. oh, did i mention that i got all of my 310 N/A RWHP from a CAI and some u/d pullies? :rlaugh: some people kill me
  18. Maybe somebody should learn how to read a dyno graph before they go bashing LT headers.....

    And the 2 tenths of a second and 1 mph in the 1/4 mile improvement I got was all in my head.

    Long tubes headers are just plain awesome.

  19. :nice:
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