Long Tubes a waste on N/A cars.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MustangLife, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Exactly - peak hp. gains are minimal, if any on a N/A car, but many LT owners will argue this too. Nobody is in a hurry to admit they just installed LT's and saw very little peak gain. You are the first to admit it that I have seen. Thanks for the honest feedback. There isn't enough of it out there. We could also get rid of a ton of misleading information about mods. if everyone just posted SAE horsepower numbers. As we all know, uncorrected numbers are higher and "look" better. They are crap for comparison purposes though. Yet, I continue to see them posted daily.

    My car is dynoed at 250 SAE rwhp/ 292 SAE rwtq. I highly doubt my car would see much PEAK gain from adding LT's at this point and staying N/A. I'd maybe see 260/300, but that's just not worth the money or effort in my opinion. I could add a plenum/TB for less money and far less installation effort and see some more peak gain.

    One thing is for sure, LT's do sound awesome. Nobody will debate that one.
  2. So you are saying your car only had 240 rwhp prior to your LT's? 262 - 18 - 3 (no cats) = 240

    240 for all of your mods. and a tune is the lowest I have ever seen. Prior to your LT's, you had similar mods. as my car and my car produced 250 SAE rwhp.

    There is no way you picked up 18 SAE rwhp from just bolting on LT's.
  3. mogs01gt wrote

    You also have a c&l plenum and c&l maf, I don't, but your giving that 2 mph more credit all the long tube headers you have and none to the plenum and maf. Now thats not being truthful.

    68 & 00 GT wrote

    You have jet hot long tubes and a pro-m and I don't, but your only dynoing 5 rwhp more than me. I'm puting down 256 rwhp and 302 torque. Now how can you justify to me that your expensive coated long tubes and jet hot x-pipe are worth the money over my exhaust. Do you realize you got 5 hp more for a ton of money.

    nickthegenius wrote

    Mustang92 was only making 260rwhp before his cams. With his Mac Long tubes and a maf. Which is 4 rwhp more than me.

    Now your saying there times are there because they have long tubes. These 3 guys have full out drag suspension, with short times in the 1.5's and 1.6's. Also some have head work, cams, all bolt ons, etc, etc

    A couple of you guys claiming long tubes are worth the money in this psot with great gains afterwards are blower cars. And I did say, blower cars long tubes are worth it.

    I'm giving proof and nothing but truthful comments or thoughts. Can anyone honestly say, anything I've said in this thread or post is a lie.

  4. DEF not a waste
  5. You know what a avg hp and tourqe gain does? do you constantly keep your engine at the rpms the peak hp is made? well there is this little thing called a power curve, thats where the true gains are. until you understand that stfu
  6. I wish the dude that I went dyno with have a damn scanner... I'll try to ask for it again..
  7. Wow! I so wish I had the money for longtubes right now. Anyone know how much the mac vs. hooker. vs bbk are???
  8. Josh
    You have better suspension, better rearend and taller gears. I would think with just the better rear, launch higher, you could be atleast at the same MPH I am at.

    You did mods to help you get traction, I did modifactions to give me power. More air in and more air out, that is how a motor makes power.

    ETs have a lot to do with traction with what you clearly have my car beat at.

  9. I hate to stick up for the guy but it is a known fact that the manifolds are good up to about 340 rwhp. When I say good I'm talkin about not a restriction. Now the gains yall are seeing is because of better exhaust scavenging not necessarily lack of flow on the part of the stock stuff. Scavenging is not really flow. But it may be a better idea to buy and install the long tubes if you are planning on a built engine later when the motor is out of the car.. I have a blower and have a dire need for the whole system to be done over. But with the stock manifolds my real restriction is my flowmasters on the stock 2.25" pipe not the manifolds. The guy from Modular Madness said he had a stock manifolded car dyno 600+RWHP so they can't be all that bad.
  10. and with headers it would be in the 650s or higher. Scavenging is a BIG reason why headers make power. Yes they maybe able to flow more but Scavenging is needed.

    lol I was going to mention it early but I couldnt remember if it was pronounced scavenging or scalvenging. :rlaugh: :nonono:
  11. Can you please stay on this board only and not go to modulardepot.com, I went to that board to get away from people like you. I saw you posting nonsense there and it pissed me off. Good day.

  12. Who are you talking to? Quoting someone or putting a name would help.
  13. :rlaugh: BUWAHAHAHAA :rlaugh:
  14. he's not talking to you
  15. ohh ok, just making sure.
  16. now stay on this board:mad:
  17. I hate it when that happens. You know what you want to say but can't pronounce it. :D Well my point it would almost make more sense to put the money into cams. You pretty much have to drop the K member to get the LTs in. There are better ways to spend your money that will give as much power if not more than LTs.

    PS I hope yall weren't talking about me?
  18. Jakie is right not referring to you, but rather the person who started this thread. :notnice:
  19. well I know that my 99 cobra is putting down between 15 to 20 more hp than 2 other 99 cobras I have seen dynoed with the same mods minus the long tubes. they have o/r h pipes or even x pipes and cai and they still make less than I do with the long tubes, so I feel pretty good about them.
  20. mogs01gt wrote

    Well I have a bent 2-3 shift fork. And its slow engaging 3rd, i kinda have to manipulate it, if you will. That might be it.

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