Long tubes and Dr. Gas X

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Jesseswhite87GT, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Is anyone running that combo? Ive got bbk long tubes, and flowmasters. Is a dr. gas x going to be real loud? Anyone have vids?
  2. you'll love the sound.
  3. Okay, I went from 2.5" offroad H (loud) to 2.5" Mac offroad X (quiet compared to H) to 2.5" Dr Gas X (A little quieter because of how smooth it is) Go to mustangexhaust.com. They have a clip there with that exact setup.
  4. You will like the sound. The x-pipe will always be quieter than the h-pipe. It will be a real smooth nascar-indy car sound. Like previosuly mentioned, go to Mustang Exhaust. :nice:
  5. I have BBK 1 3/4 race headers L/T-DR-GAS X-PIPE and DYNOMAX "BULLET" race mufflers and plenty of compression.
  6. i got bbk long tube headers with dr.gas 3'' x pipe off road an debating on the mac cat back or two chamber flows.. cant decide.. does anyone know if those two have a similar sound ? which one will sound better..