Exhaust Long Tubes And O/r X Pipe???

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  1. Hey guys I'm getting second thoughts about my exhaust setup laying here in bed and it's bothering me! So I have a few questions... I plan on getting Pace setter long tubes and the pace setter o/r shorty x pipe. My understanding is that a shop cannot cut my cats off (I have all stock exhaust) and install the o/r x pipe. How in the world am I going to get these installed? I have minimum experience, how hard of a job is it to install the x pipe myself? I live in Michigan with no emissions testing or anything. I want to just have my stock mufflers cut off and install the flowmaster super 10 series. Is all this possible? I don't even know what to do anymore and it's driving me insane! PLEASE HELP.
  2. First off, understand that the exhaust on our cars come in 3 parts:

    1. manifolds (headers)
    2. mid-pipe (which includes cats)
    3. cat-back (mufflers and tailpipes)

    When you get rid of the stock mid-pipe, you also get rid of the cats. There is no need to "cut the cats off" because they are a part of the stock mid-pipe. The exhaust on these cars are completely "bolt-on". Just install the longtubes, have the shorty X bolted up to the LT's, and then bolt-up the stock cat-back to your shorty X.

    As far as the mufflers, just have an exhaust shop chop out the stock mufflers and weld-in the Flows. Its easy as pie!
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  3. Awesome thank you so much @Nightfire for the explanation that helps bunches! I heard long tubes are a pain... How much do you think those would be to get installed? This is such a reliever to hear! I was worried my whole exhaust setup was out the window for a while.
  4. You may want to rethink getting pacesetter headers. I have no experience with them but when it comes to headers you definitely don't want to do it twice. I put flowtech headers on my car, because they were cheap. They leaked like crazy. Car sounded like a beat up Chevy truck. I ended up taking them back off and putting Mac ceramic coated headers and h pipe on. Also, invest in a good set of gaskets and stage 8 locking bolts. You definitely don't want to be chasing header bolts all the time .
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  5. I did a lot of research on these headers thinking the exact thing @sethahoward. But almost all the reviews were positive and said they did not leak at all and didn't have lose bolt issues. My friends 02 has a set of these and he's had them for 8 months with no issues! I think it's worth a shot and if it doesn't late shame on me for buying them!
  6. Dude. Don't do flowmasters... they will drone and sound louder inside then outside.. trust me.. i used to have em... i switched from Flow 10s to 14x4 Magnapacks and a 3 inch catted H pipe.. Throaty... tame cruising.. Deep idle.. and AMAZING WOT... X pipe will also sound nice with magnapacks... Sound is subjective.. but most people i know that had Flow 10 series now have Magnapacks.. Go figure.