Exhaust long tubes and the big starter

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by srtthis, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. long tube guys... what did you guys do to keep from burning the starter wire? mines REALLY REALLY close with the big fat starter.

    im thinking about wrapping the collectors and wrapping the wire
  2. I took a piece of moroso spark plug wire covering and slid the wire through that. So far so good. Maybe look at dei to see if they have anything, i know they make a lot of heat shield stuff
  3. yea that was another idea i had... i find it funny when the exhaust came out the bottom on the race car we didnt have an issue with the big ass monster exhaust it had yet my car with the 1 5/8" tubes is close as :poo:
  4. Or you can use a smaller starter off a explorer. Just jumper the solenoid at the starter. I had a problem with the ears breaking off on the factory ones the explorer is much stouter.
  5. I hear a lot of people run mini starters with long tubes. 1992 & up Mustangs came from the factory with the "mini" starter. Get you a starter from a 92'-93' Mustang, and be good to go...
  6. I switched to the mini starter for this reason, but you'll still want to protect your wires. As I learned recently, wrapping the headers causes them to rust out.
  7. ^^ Header wrap is the devil, lol.
  8. i picked up the spark plug boot wrap last night im going to try that and see how it holds up.

    as for them rusting. im not to worried about that since i drive it about 500 miles a year...