Long Tubes for daily driving???

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  1. Are there any problems with running long tubes for daily? Heat or any thing like that?

  2. I had them on my Mustang which I drove daily all summer, and dint have any issues. Drive it over 2 hours to and from the track, and hour to the beach, and all over. I never had any issues!

  3. Thanks
  4. I belive that you may have a bit less ground clearence expesually if your lowed so just carefull with the speed bumps
  5. My car is lowered. I have mac long tubes. There is NO clearance issues. I drive my car all over the country. Maine to FLorida Alot. Never had one issue with headers. GEt them man...........you will like them.

  6. Only GC issues I have is on BIG speedbumps. At our beach and my school I hit the prochamber on them, but never the LTs!
  7. I think lowering the car would have more issues with a daily driver than longtubes. I say LT's are the only way to go.
  8. I used to have GC problems but my motor mounts were shot and even then only when i went over big speed bumps would the headers hit, but now it's fine an my car is lower'd 2'' in the front an 1 5\8s in the rear. Get the LT's you'll love them they have such a sweet sound.
  9. depending on how big of a header you get, and if your lowered, you will scrape them on everything, I have a 2 inch drop with 1-3/4" - 3" LT's and they scrape damn near everything, even that burnout vid I have, I scrape them when I pull into my driveway, must have had a 2 degree hill.
  10. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned, but the heat from a set of longtubes can often lead to starter failure. I've even heard of them shortening the life of a clutch cable. I'm not saying don't get them, but if you do, it wouldn't be a bad idea to rig up some sort of shielding from the heat.
  11. Good point, i forgot all bout that. The starter i had was pretty old anyways but within a year after my longtubes were installed i started having problems with the starter sticking an sometimes not wanting to engage at all.
  12. my starter always crapped out on me, good thing I have a 5-speed :nice: So I put heat wwrap on my starter, and havent had any problems since.
  13. shows how much of an expert I am on LT's. Just knew by looking at my buddies his hung REALLY low on his lowered 82GT. I've seen other too that looked really low. Just didn't want you to get them then tear something up.
  14. If you get long tubes and your starter goes out, you will have to take out one of the headers. Which is not too much fun.
  15. I had them on my daily driver and mine seemed to hang very low compared to my buddies. I hit them everywhere and they killed my starter. Took them off 2 weeks ago and installed bbk shorties and its much better plus I picked up 2 mph at the track. I must say it sounds like ass with the shorties though
  16. Never had any problems with my bbk longtubes on mine. Never scraped them and my starter still works great (OEM with 125k on it). Oh yeah, and I've taken my starter out without taking the header off (the advantage of buying a quality name). I say go for the longs.
  17. Yeah I have a 130,000 mile starter on the car, and havent had an issue. Clutch cable is fine, and I didnt mention these things because I never experienced them. I dont even think I have ever hit the LTs on anything, just the H-pipe. Oh yeah I also gained over 8 tenths and 5 mph by switching from shorties and aftermarket H... cant beat that!!! :nice:
  18. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a guarantee that they’ll cook your starter or clutch cable, but it is a reality to be concerned with. I just think a precaution should be taken to shield either one of these from the heat. I’ve never heard of a set of shorties toasting a starter or cable and in the odd event that they do need to be replace, it’s a lot easier to work around a shorty header, than it is to pull a longtube after it’s been installed. Taking that extra precaution of wrapping the starter of cable with high heat tape or insulation is cheap insurance and just one of the variables that you'll be able to rule out if anything ever does go wrong.
  19. I have a 180k starter on my road car(been thru two motors) and run 1-3/4 BBK Jet hot LTs. I have not hit them on anything even with it being lowered. I can replace the starter without taking the header out, and have had no clutch cable problems(because I used zip ties) and have since replaced the speedo cable(melted on the shorties).

    I also vote for LTs and would suggest getting them ceramic coated, this keeps outgassing to a minimum which helps the O2s stay accurate.

    I would shy away from both Hooker because they position one tube around the steering shaft, and keep away from MAC due to their HTS coating not lasting very long, as well as the individual flange design. This makes them a PITA to install after they have been seasoned.

    BBK, Bassani and any other headers that use the single flange/jet hot coating and retain near factory routing are what I would suggest.
  20. WOW, thanks for all the replys

    What brand would you recomen, I was thinking BBK, and i dont what MAC because i have had problems with there shorties. Also what size? I have 1 5/8 shorties now, but is it a good idea to go to 1 3/4?? I plan on more mods soon and the engine will eventuley be pushing 500hp

    Thanks Darren