longtube and catted midpipe installed...

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  1. ok first of wtb new finger skin and maybe some arm skin too..
    started this install at 4 oclock and it was 11 whenit was all said and done

    product purchased:
    jba longtubes from americanmuscle
    jba mid piped with high flow cats from american muscle
    and 1 pair of 02 extenders ( by two pair :( or you will be SOL)
    ride up ramps and some 2X4 to aid int the "ride up"

    first i did the passenger side cause i thought its all i would get done well that took 3 hours very straight forward.. the direction from JBA worked well but i found out taking the motor mount completely out made things a million times easier..

    now for the driverside:mad:

    firs off remove that motor mount or you are going to hate life and want to punch babies...leave the Passenger side one loose ( leave like 3 threads on the top nut) and jack up on your tranny do not do it on the oil pan or i will fly to your house and slap you with a wet towel in the face because this engine is heavy and will squish fast.

    when you see where it says lossen the steering rack ...ignore i went through 2 breakbars on these damn nuts and its to remove the steering column shaft from the gear box with some patient and a slight pry toward the front bumper you can angle it out easier than breaking all your tools. header went in so did the gasket the tightened down. O and you must swith the dipstick tube from behind the manifold to the front. very straight forward.

    for fun i fired it up with open headers and was actually scared it sounded like a nascar ride on crack. then i did the h pipe yet again straight forward but still am not sure of these O2 holes point up or down i did them up and the O2 sensors straddle the drive line i will probally plug these holes any way in the near (dyno tune) future

    sounds great needs a better tune but it will put around for now while the procharger is shipping.

    anybody else doing longtubes if so and have questions PM i can get on the phone with you and give you a better run down or if in SC area gimme directions and i can help you out

    happy tuning Boston:flag:
  2. just two things if anyone is using an off road h pipe then they only need 1 set of 02 extensions, and I used a block of wood and jacked up the motor from the oil pan and had no problems at all, other than that I agree with everything, ESPECIALLY removing the passenger motor mount, thats a must for sure. what kinda mufflers you runnin?
  3. magnaflow magnapacks
  4. I bet it sounds pretty healthy with those magnapacks huh? I've got stingers and I love it, nice and deep.
  5. yea it sounds great i would do the little vid/slound clip i got but on the romp my iphone got all jacked up.. also there are enough squeaks and rubbing noises under the car to make me want to shoot myself going to a lift on monday to hunt them down and kill them all
  6. I got a leak somewhere, when I first installed em my h pipe was leaking horribly in the center where the two halves connect, I got it welded and that fixed the BIG leak but I can still hear one comin from somewhere:mad:my lazy ass just has to get out there and hunt it down.
  7. Yea once you've been under there for a day... It's like you never want to go under it again I'm going to a local exhaust plce tommorow to work out a deal on tweaking and welding hopefully will get rid of the creaky rubby noises
  8. welding? exhaust?
  9. yep, not that uncommon
  10. That depends on what you are welding.....

    Are you welding your mufflers to your intermediate pipes and your intermediate pipes to the cats and so on and so forth? What do you do if something needs to be changed out? What if a piece goes bad or gets damaged?

    You have to cut it out.:notnice:

    This is why MOST people do NOT weld their exhaust. Why are you welding anyway? To make sure all leaks are sealed up? A properly installed system with some quality clamps will take care of that.:nice:
  11. the h pipe center piece is all i welded up i also had the hangers cut off the mid pipe as 2010's dont have any hanger bushing in that area (was rubbing) i got it all lined up and tuned with no rear o2's so now i got holes for a wideband kit but man those headers run so close to the body it still makes noise im hoping it will rub its self out
  12. My JBA system I had installed on my 05 did not have any leaks nor did it rub or rattle on the body. They were awfully close to the body but never touched. Quick question...did you change your motor mounts? I did on my 05 when I switched to the LTs, because the liquid filled mounts on the 05 allowed the motor to move slightly to reduce vibration and noise in the cabin. I simply replaced them with ones that allowed no movement and didn't notice any extra noise, then again, if there was, I didn't hear it over my exhaust :D
  13. no we're not welding any of the pieces together, just the h pipe, jba's h pipe comes in two pieces and I couldn't get the two pieces to seal completely with the clamp they provided so $10 later at my muffler shop, the two halves are welded together, no leaks, and I can still remove the entire exhaust system if I need to :nice:
  14. ah....gotcha!
  15. I just ordered a set of Kooks and a Catted H Pipe and MagnaPacs for mine, should be here by this weekend! Did you get a check engine light or anything like that? I guess I could not leave well enough alone either!
  16. seein how your h pipe is catted, you should be fine, You'll still need a re tune but you wont have to turn off your rear o2's
  17. my dealer called and said my gt should be in this week sometime (hopefully).

    already have the headers and mids bought and sitting in my garage, but im hesitant on what exhaust to get.

    i hear a lot of good things about the magnapacks, and its my top choice right now. but anyone have any opinions on any of the other competition? (flowmaster and roush)
  18. I LOVE my stingers, I think either the magnapacks or stingers sound the best, though all mufflers are is just opinion, none of em really flow any better than the others.
  19. i might wait till borla comes out with their 2010 exhaust. hope its not to long :shrug:
  20. Actually I did het a MIL light but a quick call to my tune shop and wanna all gone in the rear so no more check light