longtube and catted midpipe installed...

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  1. I'm ordering an SCT tuner tomorrow, so I won't have one for long! My stuff should be here tomorrow, I'm going to be adding to my stack of stock exhaust manifolds!
  2. I got to the part where I had to punch a baby! My headers came with one O2 extension for the passenger side front and it was keyed for the rears! I only did the passenger side, due the fact that I jacked the car and the got sent out of town for four days...
  3. im just waiting for a sound clip from anyone...
  4. X2 and a dyno video and #sss..:nice:
  5. well i wont be posting the dyno run until maybe next week but this is after a procharger install this weekend:nice: (lets break stuff)
  6. Something like that will probably be my next mod!
  7. wrenchs are great tools for throwing to break stuff.

    nicely balanced when coming out of your hand
  8. Well, I got my driver's side on earlier tonight, I only had to punch babies trying to re-install the dipstck through the header. I guess I was not thinking with my dipstick! My diection had me pulling the driver's side header out from the top, but did not say where to install the header, so I initially tried from the top untill I discovered it was easier to remove the lower cross brace and go in from there. The rear lower header bolt kicked my ass for a bit, but my ass has been kicked by worse header bolts! In the morning, I will try o crank it up and record it with open headers before I finish out the exhaust!
  9. I finished my install Friday morning, but it was storming and I was out of town Saturday, I did not get to drive it till Sunday afternoon... AWASOME!
  10. Grats man you like the noise it makes now? :D i will do video of an idle and rev before i mount the procharger so we can all hear it.
  11. Need Exaust? I have an extra set of SS LONGTUBES with an off road H-pipe for $500, brand new in the box and if you need a tuner, I can Include a new Sniper tuner, It allows for many self adjustments, but you would still have to get a tune from Sniper, I can let it all go for $700.
    I have installed all this on my 2010, the only issue I have is while cornoring to the right the headers vibrate against my Steering shaft, I have just ordered a set of new bullit motor mounts to fix that problem, the stock mounts allow too much movement, and there is also some HP/TQ loss in the stock ones.call me, 405-850-1336
  12. catback

    I put Roush offroad catback on with Pypes x-pipe. had to sawzall behind stock cats to install. Sounds bad enuff to back off when a cop is close by. although he'll prolly stop me for the 20% tint first :lol: